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    I have a five year old golden retriever who is absolutely HYPER. The breeder wanted us to give her a long, formal name when we had to register her, so technically she's Sunshine's Raye O' Grace (Her mom was [Breeder]'s Ray O' Sunshine). But we call her Grace, along with a jillion nicknames: Gracie, Goose, Lulu, Facey, DD ("dumb dog"--but affectionately ), and any combination of those (Gracie-face, Goosey-loosey, etc.) The number of nicknames the dog has is totally ridiculous.
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    Papillon named Maggie.
    Mixed breed with Pomeranian & unknown named Buddie.
    His sister was named Annie.
    We had a Chihuahua named Gizmo, Bambi, and baby.

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    I have a dog named Boo (after Boo Radley) and a cat named Reesa (we did not name her) and two ponies named Harris (Harris Hawk, who goes by Hare, Bear, Barrel, Harely-Bear, Barely, etc) and Joy (Sugarlane Almond Joy). Both of the ponies were named by their breeders.

    We've also had Misty (a dog not named by us), Oscar (a dog named by me) Rocky (a pony not named by us), Phoenix (a horse not named by us), Tippy (a horse named by my mom and her family), BJ (Bradley Jelbert, another horse named by my mom's family), Scampi (another horse not named by us), Ginger and Frankfert (two guinea pigs named by my sister).

    My grandma had a dog named Quincy, which I think is a lovely name for a dog!
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    We have two dogs:

    Pippin Lucille - Named partially for the musical and partially for the Lord of the Rings. Lucille is just because we liked it and it sounds cute with Pippin. She gets called the following names often: Pip, Pippi, Pippi-Lu, Lulu, Lulu Bear, Boo, Boo Boo, Booboos (the second syllable rhymes with loose or noose), Pippers...

    Rooney Dee - She was our foster failure. When we were fostering her, her name was Delia. When we adopted her, we changed her name to Rooney (not quite sure why...we just really like how it sounds, the energy it invokes, and the nickname Roo is adorable). Her middle name is Dee because it honors her original name of Delia, and it also stands for "Destroyer." When she was a puppy, she destroyed EVERYTHING (computer chargers, pillows, dog beds, her kennel, books, she ate three baby birds...).

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    I have a lot of pets so I'll just name my cat's names... which are Cali, Kiki, and Katie. Cats I used to own were named Tina, Smokey, Sabrina, and Kitten.

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