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    Oct 2012
    Eastern Kentucky
    I have a sassy calico named Sally and a sweet diluted tortoiseshell named Dolly.
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    Jude Nathaniel and Jonah Samuel!! Two border collies.
    Mom to fur kids: Sawyer Malachi, Keegan Levi, Jude Nathaniel, Jonah Samuel, Rosalie Magdalene, and Beatrix Hosanna
    TTC Spring 2015

    Lucille Faye - Ingrid Luella - Margot Frances - Elke Lenore - Matilda June - Amelie Pearl - Imogen Estelle - Ida Eloise - Holland Elise - Augusta Cecile - Saoirse Katherine

    Quinn Alaric - Hawthorne Augustus - Roman Oliver - Hugh Montgomery
    Arthur Francis - August Emile

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    Jul 2012
    Our current pets are: Cats: Lilly (ESH,Tabby - her shelter name was Shady) & Merlin (MainCoonMix,Tuxedo - his shelter name was Eli and hubby didnt like it), Dogs: Finley (white Chihuahua - he was a puppy and didnt had a name yet) & Chico (ChiMix - rescue with no name), Birds: Kai & Lola (Budgies - didnt had a name when we adopted them), Fish: Mike (BetaFish - my son named him )
    Did i mentioned we are a animal loving family

    Our pets who are no longer with us: Tweety (Cat, he already had this name), Bella (BassetHound - she was just so beautiful - her shelter name was Roxy), Chloe (BoxerMix - she was a stray we found), Muffin (HollandLop)

    Foster kitties i had couple years back: Annabelle & Anakin

    Pets in the family: Leo, Lucy, Luna (my mom's cats); Balou & Puma (my sis cats); Pookie & Vicky (my brothers cats); Sadie (brother-in-laws doberman); Minka (my dad's cat); Sam (stepbrothers white german shepherd)

    Animals we had when we were little (over the years): Pinky & Garfield (Cats); Susi, Flecki (means patches & its german), Sammy, Bunny (Bunnies); Maxi, Mucki, Swinny, Lisa, Danny, Billy, Baileys (Guinea Pigs), Yeti, Cartman, Hexe, Chipsi (Hamsters)

    I think thats all of them
    Mom to Julian D. 05/2005
    Due with second 04/2013

    Leonie. Amelia. Tabea. Nora. Carys. Lena. Eleanor. Iris. Lorelei. Calla.
    Noah. Lukas. Gabriel. Henry. Emmett. Oliver. Simeon. Logan. Quentin. Yannick.

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    Aug 2011
    We have a pit/lab/chow mix named Dia, a pure white husky mix named Abbey, a big boy siamese cat named Simon, a solid gray cat named Mika, a gray and white cat named Emma and a black and white kitten named Squeaky.

    I named Dia, Kaydia after I adopted her her name was Georgia, I changed it to Kaydia and just started calling her Dia
    Abbey was pre-named and responded to it so we decided to keep it the same
    Named Simon because he is a siamese
    Mika's name was Aurora, which I can't say at all so changed it to a russian name since she is a russian blue
    Emma was pre-named and responded to it already
    Squeaky, squeaks constantly therefore she is the Squeakster
    I'm Alix Louise
    Wife to Skyler James since 4/28/12
    Mommy to Daphne Valora since 8/02/13

    When we have another
    Boy : Sebastian, Jasper, Edgar
    Girls: Sonia, Matilda

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    Jan 2012
    Norwich, England
    I have two cats called Hermione (girl) and Charlie (boy)
    Three fancy rats called Bubble, Squeak and Shadow (all boys)
    Giant African Land Snails called Sherlock, Mycroft, and John
    And lots of fish
    Benedict, Sacha, Rafferty, Kingsley, Lincoln.
    Indiana, Waverley, Dakota, Oakley, Avery

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