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    Evan a beagle nn neb or Mr neb or Evie
    Caspar a bichon frise nn capperdoo
    Jake German shepherd and cattle dog mix nn chk chk lol its just a sound he responds to
    Harlowe a dachshund terrier mix nn lolo
    Cleo our cat. Poor thing lol
    Nollie a little male duck nn Duke

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    My husband & I have a crazy Golden Retriever named Apollo. Middle name is Dennis because of...anyone wanna take a guess???

    "Dennis the Menace" I told you he's crazy. But he's my baby and our best friend. And for a nickname, we call him "Pubby." Like "puppy" but with b's. It just stuck. And he responds to both. "Apollo" is used when he's personifying Dennis and by anyone besides my husband & me.

    My family just (as in 6 days ago) lost our 12-year-old awesome Smooth Collie, Canaan Murray. A few years ago, we lost Cindy Mae, also a Smooth Collie. Currently, my parents have a Golden Retriever because they love Apollo so much, and her name is Cadence Mae. I think the Mae part is to carry on Cindy's name or because they were lazy. lol My parents have an obsession with C.M. names; I have no idea why.

    Before all these, we had Orion. I never knew his middle name. And we had Tippy. I chose his name because the tip of his tail was white, as opposed to the rest of him being a sandy color. I was 5 or 6. haha
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    Now I have a dog named Tanner and a cat named Felix. We used to have a dogs named Blackie, Susie, Star and Sparkle. We also had hamsters named Onyx, Opal and Topaz at one point.

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    Currently I have two dogs:

    Brandy (The oldest): Sheltie-Mix--adopted from a shelter.
    Full name: B.randy O.livia W.ishbone-W.achovia O.dette W.(last name)
    Initials spell out: Bow-Wow
    Nickname: Poochie-Poo or Pretty Poochie

    Maia (The Pup): Miniature Schnauzer--gift from sister.
    Full Name: M.aia E.vita O.ynx W.(last name)
    Initials spell out: Meow
    Nickname: Adorkable or Squeaky/Squeakers/Squeaks

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    I have a little Havanese and Bichon Frise mix named Maisy. And we had a family dog named Cirby.
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