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    Dec 2011
    Southern Canada
    Smudge and Maizy, brother and sister tabby cats.
    If I could do it over, they'd be Lilo and Stitch, or Beauty and Beast. I'm a total Disney nerd. :P
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    Jun 2012
    Sunshine - Westie Terrier
    We'll be getting two kittens soon for Anna's birthday but no idea what to call them!
    Annaliese Rosalie ; Eden Iris ; Isobel Claire
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    We have 3 cats.... Mitzi May, Daphne Jane and bc she's the most ridiculous cat ever her name evolved to fit her, Khloe Cleopatra Klobonakis KloBo
    I also have 2 dogs Romeo who I got after Mickey Rooney (my previous dog) passed away and Coconut

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    Jun 2012
    A Town Called Alice
    I have two Green Tree Frogs named Taliesin and Archimedes. Though in the past we owned a border collie named Clancy whom I dearly miss.
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    My cat is a bob tail cat named Ivan The Terrible, I have a female dog named Scout inspired by To Kill a Mocking Bird, and my old dog's name was Alfalfa (Alfie) like in the Little Rascals

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