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    Jun 2012
    Past cats:
    Bluey (woke up in the middle of the night from a dream and told by mom I needed a "blue kitty" I was 2, he was orange)
    Isis (grey tabby, that neighbor bastard, Onion paralyzed and ended up killing her when I was 4 and only just getting over losing Bluey)
    Nula (grey tabby, disappeared on Halloween when I was 12)

    *** Saint Bernard named Penelope (NN who'sagoodpuppy lol)
    ***Long hair brown tabby named Olive (often called Love, My Love, Lovey, Baby, Sweetie, Honey )
    ***Olive's mini twin (identical daughter, 3 weeks old!), Saaski (from The Moorchild)
    ***Saaski's grey tabby twin, searching for a name!!! Could be Sofia, Isis, Ottilie, Juniper, Sage, Nellie, Zoe, Lucy, Lily, Celeste, Chloe, Minuet, Ellie, Sunny, Tabitha, Tallulah, Ramona, Louisa, Moql (Saaski from book's other name), Fern, Adelaide....
    Help with that would be appreciated, but I'll probably post a thread for it, not trying to threadjack here!
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    Current pets :
    Two cats named Rocky and Duke. Often when calling them it goes "Rocky-Roo and Dukey too". I don't know how this happened. The things we call/say to our pets lol!

    Pets who I had in my teens (and remain at my parents home)
    Toby the jack Russell
    Molly the cat.

    As a small child I had:
    Sister kittens named Lucy and Suki. I say kittens because our next doer neighbours stole them on one of their first times being allowed out to explore. I was four and still hold a grudge. Suki was bitten by a dog and killed by a car as she ran away when I was about 6 . Lucy,as far as I know lived into old age.

    I also had Pippin the collie-cross, a rescue puppy.

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    Dachshund- Rufus
    German Shepherd- Skippy Wayne
    Cat- Matvey (RIP)
    Cat- Spooky Michael Marshmallow (RIP)
    Cat- Butterscotch
    Cat- Rosabella (RIP)
    Rosabella's orphaned kitten #1- Totoro
    Rosabella's orphaned kitten #2- Donald- we found a new family for him
    Rosabella's orphaned kitten #3- Muffintop- we found a new family for her
    Rosabella's orphaned kitten #4- Mishka Mushka

    Stray kittens who hang around our driveway but run away when we come out- Friendly, Spiky, and Puffy

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    May 2012
    my beagle puppy Hallie Bay
    her parents names are allie and hunter (but we picked out the name before we even knew that so it just worked out that way)
    and Bay is the name of out street of our first house together

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    Jul 2012
    Finnegan - boxer
    Pollyanna "Polly" - shih-tzu
    Tod - turtle
    Tulip - turtle
    Jagger - boxer (RIP)
    Francesca "Frannie" - shih-tzu (RIP)
    bio: Raphael David, Ignatius Peter
    fostering: M & J

    Saved for Later:
    Rosemary, Susannah, Nazareth, Georgia, Theodora, Fawn
    Ulysses, Thaddeus, Laszlo, Woodrow, Leopold

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