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    I have five cats, each have varying styles of names depending on who named them.

    Lucy Lou (Lulu)
    Mimi Patricia Elizabeth Buttons Custard Tinkerbell
    Samantha (Sam/Sammie)
    Winifred Agnes Smudge
    Harry Pickles (the big guy in my photo there! Such a sweetheart)

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    I had a Sandy Shaw growing up - a white Labrador - our surname is Shaw.
    and a Tiger, a tabby cat also known variously as Tigger or The Cat.
    Then my own pets

    Mirabel Piper - a black and white cat.
    Sadie - a long haired mini Dachshund, the sweetheart of the whole neighbourhood.
    Buttons - a black gerbil.
    Bubbles - a goldfish.
    Jonah Boo - another cat, tabby male, no longer with us.
    Fudge - a king charles terrier, we fostered briefly, she was re-claimed.

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    I have two rats called Casper and Buddy.

    And we are collecting our puppy this weekend. His name is Zappa!

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    My Jack Russel Parson is named Todd. It fits him to a tee. Sometimes, we even think he looks like a fox! We didn't want to rename him when we bought him, because he was being called Todd for awhile (but honestly I love his name anyways).

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    I have a lot of pets, so I'll just list a few haha. I have 21 rats and their names are:
    Girls: Starbuck, Doris Bean, Shark Bait, Jill, Bandit, Lily, Shirley, Anne & Tiberius (we thought she was a boy, and the name stuck haha).
    Boys: Patroclus, Morys (pron. Morris), Eggs Benedict, Curious George, Perseus, Horus, Blade (named by my brother :/), Hugo, Binx, Stevie, Toby & Finnigan.

    I pity my future children
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