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    I have the cutest King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and her name is Lilly.

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    Jan 2012
    Victoria, Australia
    I have a ginger tabby x persian cat named Sandy, a long-haired ginger tabby named Milo, a black axolotl named Archibald, two goldfish named Lucky and Bubbles, a black persian named Suzy and a russian blue cat named Peugeot. I am most likely getting a mini lop rabbit soon too.
    [FONT=Times New Roman][CENTER][SIZE=2]Renaming myself;
    something quirky, British and elegant.[/SIZE]
    [COLOR="#009999"]August - Edmund - Dexter - Jasper - Felix - Henry[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#990066"]Violet - Beatrice - Florence - Olive - Harriet - Antigone - Clementine - Henrietta - Hermione - Wilhelmina - Ottilie - Persephone[/COLOR]

    Please vote on my name list!: [url][/url]


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    Feather is my black and white field-bred Springer Spaniel. She is six. Cedar is a mix between a white standard poodle and a golden retriever. She is five. And then there are my two kittens, Sunny and Caballo, who were born on my lap and will be one year old in a couple of days. Caballo is actually spanish for horse. I named him this because I had recently returned home from a trip to Costa Rica, where I rode a horse for the first time that was named Gato (spanish for cat!). Sunny is a little girl, and is named after a cat from my childhood. We called him Sunnyboy. They are the loves of my life!

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    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    My three furbabies...
    Maggie Mayhem McGee nn Mags, Mr Maggie, Maggie May, (she's a Basset Hound that looks like a cocker spaniel)
    Rex (a big orange kitty) nn Teddy Rex, T-Rex, Kiki, Marcus Julius (that's the name he came with)
    Bella (started off as Buttercup, but it didn't suit her -she's a little tiger kitty) nn BabyBelle, Belle-Belle, Kiki,

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    Apr 2012
    I currently have 2 dogs--
    Milo Puppootsy the mini schnauzer
    Samson aka Sam-a-lamb the white standard poodle.

    Prior pets:
    Noah Stanley the Schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle mix)
    Walter the Chinchilla
    Remi & Coco the poodle/chihuahua mixed breeds
    Cookie belle the poodle
    KC the kitty cat
    Sara Hope nn: Sarabelle
    Mom to Amelie Hope, born 02.06.2012 Eleanor Lucy 04.12.2014
    Expecting daughter #3 September 2016
    Aunt to Evangeline Rose

    Current faves: Genevieve, Georgia,

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