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    Nov 2011
    We just got a chinchilla named Potter. It came with the name, but I like it enough to keep it.
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    My lovely kitties: Milo the girl and Piper the boy

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    Apr 2012
    Current Pets
    Calcifer - Male Cat
    Mittzy - Female Cat (she used to be Mittens, but we shortened it to Mittzy)
    Nerine - Female Orange Betta Fish

    Past Pets
    Oreo - Female Guinea Pig
    Severus - Male Orange Betta Fish
    Starfire - Male Red and Blue Betta Fish

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    Lainey, Buddy and Ruby - Dogs
    Shammy - Cat

    Past Pets
    Oliver, Cooper, Duffy, Kodiak, Wylie - Dogs
    Pee Wee - Cat

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    I have two cats. Oliver Jorge (because he was so curious as a kitten we called him 'Curious Jorge'). Oliver is a 30lbs two-year-old mini tiger. My second cat is named Scotch. She's a four-year-old gray and white tuxedo munchkin cat. They are complete opposites.

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    Jun 2010
    Don't know if I posted here yet, but I got a Schnauzer/Dachshund mix puppy from the local humane society last month. I named him Grover, and I think it suits him perfectly.

    My family also has a Doberman named Selena. Can't find a picture of her on my laptop though.

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