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    Nov 2011
    Ontario, Canada
    Juniper, Pippin and Norbert - all cats

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    Apr 2012
    Dallas, Texas
    Two kittens: Sophie (calico) and Luna (russian blue)
    Three pups: Deacon (chihuahua), Phoebe (pug/boston) and Cooper (frenchie)

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    Nov 2011
    A dalmation mix showed up at my house and had eight puppies. She was Freckles and her puppies were Tina, Dottie, Bunny, Buttons, Bear, Dante, General, and Lily.
    Obviously, all six family members had a hand in naming.
    Vote on my list:

    My lovely kitties: Milo the girl and Piper the boy

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    Jan 2011
    US Midwest
    I have three cats: Basil, Veronica, and Mafalda
    Basil is a male and his name is pronounced like the name (bah-zil) and not the herb. I named him after a character in The Picture of Dorian Gray.
    Veronica and Mafalda are females and I usually end up shortening their names to Ronica and Falda. Veronica is named after the character in the Archie comics and Mafalda is named after the Argentinean comic character.

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    Mar 2012
    Amy-Lab mix
    Barley-Chihuahua/Fox Terrier mix previous owners had named Harley, we changed it to Barley
    Lil Chocolate-named by previous owner, cute & suited her so we kept it
    Onyx-a multi-colored gem makes a perfect name for a multi-colored cat (tortoiseshell)
    Radar-grey tabby cat who as a kitten had the BIGGEST ears ever seen on a kitten, hence Radar
    Chimera-tuxedo cat, named after a mythological creature, she has a very "cat" personality, one minute licking you & the next biting you
    Hobbes-huge orange tabby cat bearing a striking resemblance to a tiger (Calvin & Hobbes)
    Yellowtail-a yellow-tailed guppy
    Creme Brulee-a light peachy/cream colored guppy

    Previous pets:
    Amadeus-a Kingsnake I named after the song "Rock Me Amadeus"
    Farley-orange tabby cat, he was grown plus I liked the name & it suited him, named by previous owner
    Wally-Heeler/Rottie cross, he was eight years old already & it suited him, named by previous owner
    Dash-hamster, named by previous owner
    Connie-my sister and I named her after "our" very first dog, my dad's seeing eye dog
    Candy-I named her after a canine character in one of my favorite books, then found out I'd switched the two dogs names in the book (Candy actually should have been Chops)
    Oscar-an Oscar fish
    Dempsey-a Jack Dempsey fish
    Pleco-a Plecostamus (algea-eating fish)
    Nemo's Brother-a big gold guppy my three year old named
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