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    Nov 2011
    I have seven cats and two birds. The cats are Meeko, Phineas, Saskia, Henry, Zinnia, Oliver, and Ichabod, and the birds are Clementine and Ophelia. Poor Meeko got "ripped off" because he's much older than the other cats (16.5 years old!) and I namd him when I was 11, before developing my current taste in pet names.

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    Tampa, FL
    We have two dogs and two cats (and a ton of fish, all of which I have named, haha! but I won't list those here ) Our dogs are Chomper and Chewy (both boys) and our cats are Gizmo and Bumble (both girls).

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    Fisher (Australian Shepherd) Jasmine (Australian Shepherd) Izzy (lizard) Teddy and Tutu (mice)

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    South Carolina
    Mine are Roxy (Chihuahua, 7 years old) and Layla (also a Chihuahua, almost 17 months). Both were named by me.
    My brother has a Chihuahua as well, called Cheeko (he picked it out), brother to Roxy.
    We've also had:
    Baby (chow)
    Midnight (Baby's daughter)
    Sam (Midnight's son)
    Sheba (another chow)
    Janine (poodle; I wanted to call her Sasha)
    Darcy, Nico, Cocoa, Teddy, Rattler, Fievel, Snowflake, and a few others I can't remember (all were Roxy's babies, most were named by me, and all but Fievel, who died when he was a week and a half old, were given away).
    Titus (IDK what breed he was; I wanted to call him Aurelius due to his golden coat)
    Greta (German Shepherd)
    Bear (some kind of mutt, named by me 'cause he looked like a little black bear)
    Annie, mid-twenties, vegetarian, name lover. No kids yet, just two furbabies - Roxy & Layla.
    Top favorites for a girl: Beatrice Lily, Charlotte Amelia, Clara Louisa, Eliza Ruby, Josephine Alice, Katherine Annabel, Lillian Audrey, Margaret Helena, Matilda Iris, Philippa Violet
    Top favorites for a boy: Adrian Silas, Alexander Gray, Emmett Oliver, Jasper Milo, Julian Edward, Lucian Henry, Nathaniel August, Samuel Owen, Rowan Felix, Theodore August

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