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    Current pets are a rabbit named Cookie (she came with the name, sometimes I call her Cookie Monster because she is a snob)

    ...and a fish name Okena, which is Native American and means "water chief." Yeah, we had fun with that one.

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    Books influence my naming choices a lot. Even both of my kids have names slightly after book characters, and it's no different for my pets.

    Desdemona Lioncourt- She's my oldest cat. Desdemona after the female lead in Othello, and Lioncourt after Lestat from Interview with the Vampire. (I think this regal name made her a little stuck up lol) Mona for short.
    Storybook Wynne- Storybook is obvious. The baby cat. Story for short.
    Spock- My male cat. Live long and prosper.
    Jabba the Hutt- our Betta fish
    Greta Llewellyn- the dog. She's almost 14 years old.

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    Wishing for Greece, stuck in the US
    With this batch of pets, we didn't choose any names I would use on a person, but in the past I have had cats named George, Tom, and other people names. I have three cats at the moment, a german shepard/collie mix, and a teddy bear hamster:

    Loki - The oldest cat. Definitely suits the personality.
    Pan - He is a little younger than Loki and his name fits his personality too.
    Zen - He's the same age as Pan and he is definitely very 'zen'

    Firefly - This is the hamster. We named her this because she really seems to like the song Firefly by Owlcity.

    Janey - This is the dog. She is very sweet and intelligent.

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    My pets have names I love but wouldn't use on a human baby. My old turtle was Aristotle (who we all called Aristurtle), my pet hamsters are Henrietta and Xerxes and I'm getting a rabbit this week whom I'll be calling Amadeo or Celestina (still can't decide, boy/girl?).
    Beatrix, Cordelia, Winifred, Giselle, Ingrid, Maeve, Johanna, Fiorella, Bryony, Evangeline, Hyacinth, Verity * Leopold, Felix, Tristan, Theodore, Evander, Milo, Balthazar, Frederick, Ignatius, Henry, Gabriel

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    I have a literary theme going on:

    We have a Westie named Eloise (after the girl who lived in the Plaza) and it suits her perfectly. A gray cat named Dinah after Alice in Wonderland's cat. And if I ever get a micropig: Piggy Longstocking.

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