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    Aug 2011
    Ok Baileyanne, I must have an explanation for that last name!!

    Current critters are:
    Rocky Dog, German Shorthaired Pointer
    Chewie, The Noble Mutt

    4 cats: Mr. Moses, Crazy Mae, Udon and Fatty Pumpkins

    I have a plethora of poultry, called in general "Hennie or Tom" but for a few fav's; a white Peking duck named PingPing, rooster named Goliath and an old blue hen named Madam Bluevarie.

    Clearly I believe in leaving the human names to the humans. And they all have horribly embarrassing nicknames that make my husband glad we don't have neighbors.

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    Aug 2011
    My dog's name is Lucky. My brother gave him the middle name of Boy.
    My cat's name is Trouble.
    My fish is named Fishy.
    I had cats when I was little named Sophie and Sylvia. More recently I had a cat named Sushi.
    I had bunnies named Mary-Kate (I was a big fan of the Olsen twins) and Michael (Michael was a girl, my brother named her).
    I had a hamster named Happy.
    Like most people I've had a lot of fish but names I can think of right now are Dasher, Mary-Kate, Ashley, George, Martha, Tom, Jerry...

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    davidchatman Guest
    a cat named Morfeas (ancient greek god of sleep)

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    Sep 2011
    Wishing for Greece, stuck in the US
    Calico cat named Loki. When we got her at 2 weeks she was jumping all over the car, climbing everything, and the name still fits. She's insane.
    Black cat named Pan. He is the same as Loki, so since Pan in Greek mythology represents wild freedom...
    Black and white cat named Zen. He slept the whole car ride home, and is just so...zen.
    Calico Teddy Bear Hamster named Fizgig. Reminded me with Fizgig from The Dark Crystal.
    Black and white teddy bear hamster named Firefly. She was acting super scared until Firefly by Owlcity came on and she just calmed down.

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    Sep 2011
    We have:
    Stella (miniature Maltese)
    Boo (kitty)
    Maxamillian nn Max (Scottish Fold cat)

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