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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    Current pets: Tybalt (named by my daughter for the Prince of Cats when all the other little girls were naming their pets Leo and Romeo; he's 13), nn Tibby and also Pikachu, Pika, Pikapi. He's a red bullseye tabby, half Somali, half Am shorthair.
    Shofar, brown tabby and half Siamese, gotten on Rosh Hashanah, also nn Far, 11.
    Pip, red and white bi-colour tabby, rescue kitty from a junkyard, named from Great Expectations, nn Pippy, 10.
    Simon, yellow tabby, rescue kitten, just turned a year, nn Simey, from Patricia Wrightson's book The Nargun and the Stars. Also called Slimey Simey and Space Kitten (long story).
    Annabel May, called May, 10 year old Border Collie, Harlequin faced, black, white, and tan. Also called May-dog.
    Merlin, a year old Bearded dragon. Our first dragon was Isildur, nn Izzy.
    Tobias, the redbellied slider, still a hatchling.

    Other cats were Charles Milo (called Milo), a Bengal who died when he was seven, his son Bill George (named by my son for Bill from Carousel and George from Curious George) who also died when he was seven, and Bill George's mother, Nicholasa (named by my daughter after the author Nicholasa Mohr), who died at 15, who was called Nicki and Ninny. Tamsin, called Beaky, a b/w cat who died at nine, Caspian, a red Angora also nn Fuzzy who died at 17, and my first cat, Licorice, called Licky, who died at 11.
    Two previous dogs were Norman (after Stormin' Norman), the Newfoundland/Border Collie mix, also called Normie, who died at 10, and Blue, the Australian Shepherd that we rescued and we only had him four months when he died of pancreatic cancer at three or four years old.

    We've had lots of turtles (all named) and a couple of budgies (will never do that again), and three bunnies named Bracken, Roger, and Midnight. Also a foster cat Sheiky (Tibby's sister) and her four foster kittens: Ginger, Taffy, Louis, and Linny.

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    Current Pets: 3 male cats named Peter Pan, Black Jack, and Skippy. 1 female cat named Lucky. 2 fish named Alejandro and Sushi.
    Past Pets: 1 female cat named Smokey (nn: Kitty). 1 male cat named Bob. 1 goldfish named Gil.
    Current Favorites: Amelia Rose, Coraline Josephine, Noah Benjamin, & Liam Jasper

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    I have a maltese puppy named Charlie, 2 guinea pigs named Panda and Bobby, 3 hamsters named Sawyer and Juliet (LOST reference ;D) and my brothers have a hamster and gerbil named Hyperbole and Kate, respectively. We also have a menagerie of reptiles, 2 of which are mine. They're called Hamlet and Loki. I can't even remember what most of them are called... So my house is basically a zoo :lol:
    Primrose Lucinda Amelia Clara
    William Jack Hugo Edmund

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    Hulk - Shih-tzu full name Hulk Bulky
    Buttons - Bunny full name Buttons Crimefighter
    Mellow - Bunny full name Mellow Yellow
    Cloud - Bunny full name Cloudie Skye Rainbow

    Clouds the newest addition he has such white fur and rainbow shaving always stick to his butt Look like could poopin rainbows hahah
    Names Currently into:
    Girls: Everly Violet and Amelia Ivy
    Boys: William David, Mackenzie Oliver, Isaac Benjamin

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    I have a LOT of pets!

    My cats
    Bogey (Persian)
    Sunny (Sandy colored long-haired)
    Walter, Edgar & Custard (orange, short-haired brothers)
    Grace (gray and orange medium hair and my only girl!)

    Mackenzie (my mutt)

    Nemo (feeder fish that was saved and is now HUGE)

    Shredder, Bentley & Sampson (Sulcata tortoises)
    George, Autumn & Sonora (desert tortoises)
    Ronnie, Bryce, Zion, Sprout & Emmanuelle (George's babies)

    Mr. T, Donatella, Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, Master Splinter, Squirt, Sydne (Red-eared slider turtles)
    Spike (map turtle)
    April (western painted turtle)
    Junior (another turtle)

    Peking & Canard (ducks)

    Cassidy, Morgan, Gaby, Medusa (feral cats we feed and love). Medusa (whom we call Meddie) has two kittens, Odysseus and Circe =)

    We also have finches, two love birds, and four parakeets but they don't have names!

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