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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    I have two cats: Mikhail, a short-haired blonde tabby, and Mia, a long-haired calico. Mikhail was named by the shelter I adopted him from, and I liked it well enough to keep. Mia was originally named Anjel, which I didn't think fit with Mikhail at all, so I gave her a name I'd been obsessing over at the time. I especially loved that it was made up of letters from Mikhail's name - a perfect pair!

    As for nicknames (if you can call them that), the ones I use most are Mikhail Man and Mia Doll. But I call them all manner of cutesy, babyish things - various combinations of angel, baby, doll, and the like. Oh, and I also sometimes call Mia Fluffypants... because it seriously looks like she's wearing fluffy pants!

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    three dogs: sadie, serra and micah.
    ~sadie (shepherd/rottie mix) goes by sadie lady, pretty lady, lady, lady bug
    ~serra (shepherd/rottie mix) goes by serra berra, serry berry, serra kisses, kisses
    ~micah (cockapoo) goes by micahdoodle, micahdoddlepoopyhead, and has been known to respond to just poopyhead

    really had no say in naming any of them, we changed sadies name from laura when she was adopted (dads suggestion, i was just happy to have a dog). serra came with her name but i do love it. we got micah from a friend so i couldnt change his name too much (it was mikey) but i do like it.

    three cats:
    ~lewis, goes by fat lewi
    ~chloe (was named by my bil)

    thinking of naming my next cat magnolia. and my next dog casper. oh and i want a tortoise but im not sure what to name him...

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    Fanny (Fanny May Behr) - Karelian bear dog cross, who also answers to 'Flump'
    Myla - Pomeranian x American Eskimo, who answers to 'Moo', 'Myla-Moo', 'Bad', 'Mylo', & 'Shitty-Ass' (last two due to a couple friends who think it's amusing to call her strange names...)

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    Our little menagerie:

    Hopscotch [8yr old German Shepherd] - Answers to; "Hop", "Hopscotch" & "Lady"
    Butterscotch [5yr old German Shepherd] - Answers to "Butters" & "Missy"

    Peter Rabbit [White Rabbit] - Doesn't really answer to anything, as he's bone-idle and ever so slightly anti-social! Heart melted ever so slightly when Gideon named him after Peter Rabbit, from my oversized childrens book that I kept and still read to the kiddies!

    Eenie, Meenie, Minie & Mo - The fishies.

    We don't have the most sensible taste when it comes to naming our animals
    Life may get complicated and not turn out how you thought it would but when you have beautiful children you will always have a reason to be happy <3 Love my little munchkins so much. Gideon, Flora, Lyra, Martha and Twin Bump *Team Blue x2* - Due C-Sec May 9th 2013!! R.I.P Lucas - Best Husband and Father we could have ever asked for.
    <3 Loving Parents since 05-01-2006 <3

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    We have a 9 month old male Chihuahua named Cujo and an 11 month old (all black) male cat named Jasper. We also have a 4 year old piranha named Jaws

    Cujo also responds to: Cuj, Cuji Buji and Cujens.
    Jasper also responds to: Jaspy, Jaspy Waspy & Fatty

    In the past we've had:

    Max & Ruby - Male & Female rabbits
    Nova & Nero - Male & female ferrets

    Dogs: Atticus, Caesar, Spike, Harlowe
    Cats: Lucifur, Mildred (Millie), Dexter

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