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    Apr 2012
    Hetty and Olga are my guinea pigs [and there is more on the way]

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    Apr 2014
    I have a miniature schnauzer called Tilly, a chunky black and white guinea pig called Milo and a 7 week old tabby kitten called Munchkin.

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    jakki Guest
    Miss Bianca, Lisele, Giselle, Nina and Maude (chickens) Neko for a cat (cat in japanese) Gato for a cat (cat in Portuguese)

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    Sep 2012
    We have Tiny Tim the tortoise and lovebirds Basil and Sybil.
    Our perfect little family:
    Quentin, Casper and Ramona

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    Jun 2014

    My Pets <3

    At the moment, I only have Sæla Davies, an Icelandic sheepdog (longhaired) she is almost 3 and insanely cute and gorgeous. Sæla is pronounced si-la, it means happiness or bliss in Icelandic. She came with her name and we just couldn't change a name like that, plus, it fits her perfectly and we like it. Her nicknames are Sæ and Sæsæ along with the usual, honey, doodlebug (at least a usual in my family ) etc. Her informal nn is bess.

    Previous pets:
    Iska Marie Davies- German shepherd/Australian Cattle dog and a bit of dingo and about a million other things.

    Willow- cat, sorry, I was very little when I had her so I don't remember specifics.

    My mom used to have a big, cute cat with a meow like a moo named Choise (a french name pronounce shwa-z)

    I love dogs, cats, and bunnys, and mice, rats, and horses, squirrels and about a trillion other animals so much! haha, just had to say that I am a total animal lover

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