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    Can You Guess?

    Okay so I just made this game up. Here's how it works...
    I'm going to post a list of 7 names that belong to people I know. The next poster has to guess what kind of personality they have based on their names. Then, that same poster can put up their own list of names to have people guess about.
    Here it goes...
    Ainsley Page
    Michelle Ann Patience
    Chelsea Elizabeth (Sister to Ainsley Page)
    Caroline Marie
    Dana Chisolm (Chisolm is her mother's maiden name)
    Samantha Sophia
    Helen Margaret nn Maggie
    "When the light falls on your face, don't let it change you
    When the stars get in your eyes, don't let it blind you
    You're beautiful, just the way you are
    And I love it all, every line and every scar"

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