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    Rachel Zoe is Pregnant!

    Inside sources claim that celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe is pregnant!

    Leaving aside all comments about how thin she is, and whether or not she is physically able to have children, let's move to the fun part... names!

    On one episode of her show, The Rachel Zoe Project, Rachel said to her husband Roger that, if they ever had a girl, her name would be Scarlet(t) Begonia. What do you think of this name? Going along with this style, what boy names or other girl names should they consider?

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    Re: Rachel Zoe is Pregnant!

    Theodora Temple Rose
    Lilias Odetta Margot
    Agnes Araminta Belle
    Elspeth Cordelia Wynn
    Anouk Isadora Lily
    Vivian Adair Louise
    Francine Isabella Kate
    Paul Viridian West

    TTC '18

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    Re: Rachel Zoe is Pregnant!

    Isn't that a Grateful Dead song? I didn't think she was a deadhead. Strange one.

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    Re: Rachel Zoe is Pregnant!

    Scarlett Begonia is cute. I like something a little out there for a middle name.

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    Re: Rachel Zoe is Pregnant!

    Apparently Scarlet Begonia is a Grateful Dead song. I'm not loving it for the fact that it's a song and also that it's so cheesy - really, a scarlet begonia? I do like Scarlett, though, just not with Begonia!

    Okay, so we've got Rachel Zoe (Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig) and Rodger Berman, right? I think a Rose name would be cute to honor Rachel's "maiden" name, so maybe Rosa, Rosanna, or Rosalie? I think Rosie Berman is so cute! An R name like her parents could be neat, too, so maybe Rory, Rowan, Ruby, Risa, Roxana, or Rebecca? I think Risa Berman is very cute and stylish. If she's into word names or nature names, I think I'd pick Rosalie Dahlia Berman - Rosie Berman - or Roxana Primrose Berman - Roxy Berman. Love Roxana Primrose!

    I've got no clue for boys.

    Lemon :-)
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