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    Re: West's sister - what would YOU choose?

    Victoria, Magnolia and Araminta are particularly cute! I also love Trixie as a nn for Beatrix or Bellatrix!

    Is Beatrix Tallulah Elizabeth nn Trixie too much?! Lol.

    Tallulah Elizabeth Alice would be lovely if you could give up Trixie? Or Tallulah Trixie Elizabeth?

    Would you consider other variations of Elizabeth like Elspeth or Eliza or would you prefer it to be Elizabeth? I can definitely understand wanting to use Elizabeth, it'd be so lovely to be a fourth generation!

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    Re: West's sister - what would YOU choose?

    Omg, what awesome names!!

    "Is Beatrix Tallulah Elizabeth nn Trixie too much?!" NO! That is gorgeous! I love Beatrix and Tallulah both. Or Tallulah Beatrix Elizabeth nn Lulu or Lula?

    I also love Winter, Araminta, Victoria nn Plum (you've suggested this to me before, actually - love it!), Magnolia (love Moxie for a nn and also love Nola or Noli). Just had to put in my two cents even though it's not much to add!

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    Re: West's sister - what would YOU choose?

    icon by soaked @ lj.

    favorites - girls:

    Persephone, Titania, Clementine, Margaret.

    favorites - boys:

    Loup, Oisin, Henry, Clovis, Gideon.

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    Re: West's sister - what would YOU choose?

    I am so glad you like Tallulah. I LOVE the name but i definitely don't have the guts to use it. Love the nickname potential of it though with Lula, Talia, maybe even Lolly (similar to Lottie). I think its perfect for you! What does your husband think of it....have you ever mentioned it to him before?

    Tallulah Trixie Alice is pretty, but it seems a little off to me. What about Tallulah Elizabeth Trixie? Or Tallulah Beatrix Elizabeth, Tallulah Bea Elizabeth, Tallulah Elizabeth Birdie (would you use Birdie as an alternative to Elizabeth,, as it is a common nickname for her?), Talullah Beatrix Birdie, Tallulah Winter Birdie, Tallulah Pepper Birdie, Tallulah Birdie Lavender, Tallulah Birdie Alice.

    I also LOVE Luella/Louella for you. It's similar to Tallulah, but it might be an easier name for your husband to digest. Her nicknames could be Lou, Lola, Ella, Elle, Lula and so on. How about Louella Beatrix Birdie, Luella Birdie Alice, Luella Elizabeth Winter, Luella Winter Beatrix, Luella Alice Trixie, and sooo many more options.

    You are well on your way to finding the perfect name for West's sister. By the way, i ADORE Willoughby and the nickname Wills - well done!

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