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    Re: Lauren, Molly, Caroline? Due any day...please help?

    Hello! I love your boys' names! So sophisticated sounding.
    If you don't want to use Lauren, how about Laurel? That's so pretty.
    I like an earlier suggestion of Lara Caroline , but I've known 2 Lara' was pronounced with "air" as the middle sound, and the other girl was pronounced like "car" as the middle sound. I love them both, but with Caroline, I like the "air" pronunciation better.

    I have 2 friends who have recently named their baby Molly, so I think it's adorable! I like your other choice of Jenna. That works well with your boys and is fresh and simple, yet fun and cute.

    I know many Caroline's, actually it's my middle name. But I love this name and it's great with your boys as well!

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    Re: Lauren, Molly, Caroline? Due any day...please help?

    I love Molly! Great name. Sp of Molli or Mollie is cute too. I also like using it as part of a double name, like Molly Katherine= Molly-Kate. Good luck!
    *November & Hunter*

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