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    Lauren, Molly, Caroline? Due any day...please help?

    We are expecting our third child and first girl on October 18. I will be 38 weeks tomorrow and both of my boys were born just after 38 weeks, so I have waited way too long to ask for advice! We chose our boys' names weeks before they were born, but for some reason it's much harder for us to decide on a girl's name.

    Our last name is Sloan, and our boys are Grant William and Andrew Dean (he goes by Drew). Our goal is to choose a name that everyone knows, but isn't in the top 30 or 40 (at least) in popularity. There are a ton of girls' names that I really like, but it seems like each one has a certain drawback. So we just can't seem to make a final decision!

    A few of our favorites, and the reason why I hesitate about each one:

    Lauren: I've always loved this name. But is it a little outdated, since so many girls born in the late 80s/early 90s were named Lauren? It's still in the 40s (it was #46 last year according the the SSA website), but it's fallen fast in recent years. I don't want to choose a name that's quickly going out of style!

    Molly: Another long-time favorite. But is it a name that people are only naming their dogs these days??

    Caroline: Will people constantly mispronounce it as "Carolyn?" And it was #87 in popularity last year, but it feels more popular than that. Two friends have told me they've recently seen a lot of babies named Caroline.

    Madeline: I'm starting to steer away from this one, because I really don't want her to be yet another Maddie. But I still think it would be cute as a middle name with Molly. We live in Houston, where Madeline actually isn't as common as in other areas. But there are a ton of Madisons here, and I'm so sick of hearing "Maddie" everywhere!

    Some others that we like:

    Claire (as a middle name.....maybe with Caroline?)

    I love alliteration, which is why I like Molly Madeline or Caroline Claire. I also like Lauren Caroline, but does Lauren Caroline Sloan sound right, with each name ending in an "n" sound? It doesn't bother me but my husband thinks it won't work. He prefers Lauren Claire (which I just think is a little boring).

    Thanks in advance for any opinions and advice!!


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