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    Name my second baby GIRL!!!

    I really need some help! My 2nd baby girl is due in less than 5 weeks and she remains nameless. We have a list but I am open to any and all suggestions. Her big sister is Ava Elise.

    Annabel Sophia nn Anna
    Annabel Grace
    Annabel Lucia
    Lila Grace
    Lila ??
    Taylor Brynn
    Brynn ??

    Is Anna too close to Ava? At this point I am ready to start a new list!!!!!

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    Re: Name my second baby GIRL!!!

    I would say Anna and Ava are too close. Go with Lila, Taylor, or Brynn. I think they're all lovely. Good luck!
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    Re: Name my second baby GIRL!!!

    With Ava Elise, I really like Annabel Grace, but not with the nn Anna. How about Annie, instead? Lila Grace is my second choice.

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    Re: Name my second baby GIRL!!!

    I think Lila Grace is beautiful and compliments Ava Elise very well.

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    Re: Name my second baby GIRL!!!

    Annabel is very cute, but yes, Anna is quite close to Ava. You could use another nickname though-- say Annie or Bella? I think Annie and Ava are great together; similar but not quite as matchy. I like both Annabel Grace and Annabel Sophia.

    I also love Lila, I think it's so pretty and goes really well with Ava. Lila Grace is beautiful, and I also love Lila Jane.

    To be honest, I really dislike Taylor for a girl. I feel like both Taylor and Brynn sound dated and just not very pretty. Sorry to be so blunt, but I think you have better options!

    Good luck

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