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    Re: Lauren, Molly, Caroline? Due any day...please help?

    Here's my first reactions...
    Lauren: Sorry, but I find this name pretty dated and nondescript.
    Molly: Very cute. I know several girls named Molly and it suits young to old. It is a classic name without pretention. I think Molly Sloan is adorable and timeless.
    Caroline: One of my all-time favorites. Goes very well with your boy names. I live about 90 minutes from Houston and know a TON of Carolines from baby to woman (some in Houston). That keeps me from ever using it, but I can always appreciate it for its timeless elegance. I don't think pronunciation will be an issue at all as Carolyn is on the decent while Caroline is on the rise.
    Madeline: Just too 'on trend' right now. As a preschool teacher, I can tell you that there are a LOT of Madelines/Madelyns/Madisons out there. I think this one will be date stamped because of the mass popularity.
    Jenna: Seems very 90's to me.
    Meredith: Good compromise name. Everyone seems to like it and it is familiar but not too common. Meredith Sloan is very professional-sounding.
    Claire-would be a great middle for almost any of these
    Susannah-Love this name but seems less "preppy" than your others. Is it a name you would really pull the trigger on?

    Faves: Molly Claire, Molly Meredith, Caroline Claire, or Susannah Claire

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    Re: Lauren, Molly, Caroline? Due any day...please help?

    I like the name Lauren! But do agree that Lauren Sloan isn't the best flow. Molly is too cutsey/nicknamey for me to consider but that is a personal preference - I think it's cute as a nickname though. I love the name Caroline for you! Caroline Claire Sloan sounds wonderful to me! Have you considered Carol or Coral as alternatives?

    Good luck! Jess

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    Re: Lauren, Molly, Caroline? Due any day...please help?

    Oh, why oh why can't we edit? Just want to amend my post to read 'descent' rather than 'decent.' Can just hear the "great preschool teacher" remarks!

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    Re: Lauren, Molly, Caroline? Due any day...please help?

    Wow....thanks so much, everyone, for the input! I don't really know where to start....there were so many good comments and I'm just now sitting down to read all of them.

    First, I think Madeline is definitely off the first name list. And I probably wouldn't even still be seriously considering Molly if I didn't love Molly Madeline together. I think it is such a cute combination and I do think Molly sounds good with our last name, and with our boys' names. But yes, part of me thinks that it should be a nickname instead of a given name. One of my best friends is named Margaret (she doesn't go by anything but Margaret), but I don't think I love it enough to use it. Especially because then it would defeat the purpose of using "Molly Madeline."

    It's funny.....before I started researching names a few months ago, it wouldn't have even crossed my mind that names like Lauren, Jenna and Megan were outdated. I actually do know little girls with all of these names (although not many, which is why they were appealing), and I didn't realize how popular they all had become about 20 years ago (I'm 32, so I didn't have a ton of friends with any of those names). But now that I've been researching quite a bit, it doesn't surprise me that a lot of you guys have that impression of them.

    My husband and I both like fairly classic names, so a lot of the more vintage names that I see on Nameberry just scare me a little bit! I do love both Scarlett and Stella (among some others), but my husband has nixed both of those. But I hate to use the term "classic" to describe our style completely, because names like Elizabeth and Sarah (while very pretty) just seem a little bit too plain. So I guess the trick is picking something that seems fresh and not overused, but yet not too eccentric either! Caroline might be our best choice so far.....and yes, Caroline Claire is one of my husband's favorites.

    Erica asked me if I would be open to suggestions......yes, I guess so! It feels like I've seen and considered every name out there, but I guess there might be some that I'd reconsider, or just never thought about seriously.

    And Lemon (Lauren), I cannot believe that you were born in 1990 either! How in the world do you have such wise insights on baby names at only 20 years old?! Crazy!

    Phoebesmom: you don't happen to live in Bryan/College Station, do you? It's where I grew up, so I know it's 90 miles from Houston. Just thought I'd ask!

    Thanks so much again for all of your help!

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    Re: Lauren, Molly, Caroline? Due any day...please help?

    I don't know, honestly. It's more about how words play off of each other and the way things sound than the names themselves, I think...

    Anyway, I think Molly Madeline and Molly Meredith are really great with your boys' names. I guess Molly does feel a bit young, but to me it is more of a comfy casual name than a youthful name. And, another poster noted that Molly Sloan sounds like an Irish bar - I think I sort of like that quality about it! It makes the name memorable. I think the whole thing relates to Molly Malone, which, in addition to being the name of a historical figure, is also a common name for bars...

    (A side note - you could also call her Mimi if you named her Molly Meredith or Molly Madeline. It's sort of my new nickname fetish!)

    There is something about Caroline Claire Sloan that is throwing me off, to be frank. I don't love Caroline Claire as a combination, as it seems abrupt, and I'd much prefer Clara Caroline, even though that is rather sing-song-y. If anyone else has this issue and can put a finger on it, I'd appreciate it! If not, I suppose you should ignore me...

    Suggestions, then? With Grant and Andrew "Drew," I could see Bridget, Cara, Claire, Clara, Emma, Frances, Julia, Lucy, Laura, Margo, Phoebe, or Ruby. I particularly like Emma, Frances, Lucy, and Laura with the boys' names!

    "Names, once they are in common use, quickly become mere sounds, their etymology being buried, like so many of the earth's marvels, beneath the dust of habit." - Salman Rushdie

    Boy Combinations: Archer Solomon James, Ronan Charles Bennett, Everett Hawthorn Thomas
    Girl Combinations: Phoebe Marietta Pearl, Clara Daphne Eloise
    Other Favorites: Eliza (Eliza Wren), Juliet, Rosanna, Thea, Johanna, Jude

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