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    Re: Some ones dream life. :P (Lots of multipuls)

    It is your 17th birthday. Your best friend takes you to see your favorite band! (think back to the year you were 17. Who was your favorite band and who was your best friend?) Before the concert there was going to be a singing competition for the fans to try and get backstage passes after the concert. Your friend urges you to try. After 2 long hours (of some good singing, and others not so great) The results are in. And you won 2 backstage passes! After the concert you and your friend head backstage. You meet the band and hit things off with one of the band members. Buy the end of the night he has your contact information (May it be your E-mail, Address, Cell # ect.) You go home happy and excited.

    Whats your name?: Avery Nichole Tanson
    Whats your friends name?: Eliza Marie Hilston
    What band do you see?: The Fathoms Below
    Who's the guy you keep in touch with: Adam Austen
    How old is he?: 22

    It is a day before your 18th birthday. After many visits and many long talks you feel that you and your band guy are going to start something serious pretty soon. The next day at the store you run into the other guys from his band. They say he had to stay where he was because of family, but when you turn around he is standing there with a bouquet of your favorite flowers and asks you to be his girlfriend.

    What are the other guys's names: Carlyle Owens, Myles Canterbury, Logan Austen, and Chatney Dillon
    What kind of flowers?: black & red roses

    4 years later you are 22 and 26. You have finished college and have been living with your Guy for 3 years. On you 5 year anniversary he Pops the question!! You of course say yes!! You have a pretty good size wedding not to big, not too small. You have 1 maid of honor and 2 brides maids. He has 1 Best man and 2 grooms men. Both of you have all your family there and they get along amazingly great! After the wedding you go on a 3 week honeymoon!

    Where is your wedding held?: Miami
    Where do you go on your honey moon?: Athens
    Who is your Maid of honor?: Eliza
    Your brides maids?: Ellodee & April
    Who is his best man?: Logan
    His grooms men?: Carlyle & Myles

    When you get back from your honeymoon you both want to settle down for a year or so before having children. You both love living around mountains so you decide to settle down on the west coast. You move to a nice city and get a simple job. You want to have a third member of the family but don't want children so you decide to get a dog! She is the light of your life!

    Where do you settle down?: Washington
    What type of house do you have?: 14 bedroom,17 bathroom mansion
    What is your job?: high school band director
    What breed of dog?: rottweiler
    What is her name?: Averley

    2 years later, you are 24 and your hubby is 28 you are ready to have children!You don't have to wait too long because within the next month you find that you are expecting! You find out that you are having a baby boy! Your parents and his parents are both very excited to become grandparents for the first time! You are rushed to the hospital on a cool spring morning and give birth to your first child! He could not be more perfect He has his fathers hair and your eyes!

    Son #1: Jasper Chatney Austen

    During the next 3 years your husband and his band go on a world tour the day that they have a concert in your home town you find out that you are 4 months pregnant! You son is excited to have a brother or sister. At your 5 month check up you find that you are having B/G/B/G quads. You are excited and a little nervous! You name the boys with Biblical first names and 4 letter middle names. The girls have State First names and Color/Flower middle names.

    Son #2: Gabriel Jude Austen "Gabe"
    Daughter #1: Indiana Violet Austen "Indie"
    Son #3: Noah Isak Austen
    Daughter #2: Tennessee Rose Austen "Tess"

    4 Years later you are 31 and 35. Your children are 7, 4, 4, 4, & 4. You both decide to get a new dog. On the day you get the puppy you feel nauseated and noticed that you haven't had your period in 5 months. You go to the doctor to find that you are pregnant again! This time with triplets, all girls! You decide to name the first one your most favorite girl name of all time. The second is named after both of your mothers. And the last is to be named after your grandmother who just recently passed away and His aunt who just passed away from cancer.

    What breed of dog do you get?: Rottweiler
    What gender?: Male
    Name?: Vexus
    Daughter #3: Collins Azalea Austen
    Daughter #4: Winter Willow Austen
    Daughter #5: Amity Belle Austen "Ams"

    You are no 33 and your children are 9, 6, 6, 6, 6, 2, 2, & 2, and you think that you are done having children. You and the family take a vacation to Ireland while you are there you visit a local Orphanage. At the orphanage you fall in love with a 1 year old little blonde haired green eyed baby boy. You adopt him right there on the spot and take him home a few days later. He does surprisingly well. You get back home and feel a little sick. You then remembered that before you left you had a fertility treatment! You are scared to find out how many babies you are pregnant with. You go into the doctors to get a check up. You are pregnant with Quints!!! 3 boys 2 girls! You give birth to 5 healthy babies 2 weeks premature. Name them what you like.

    Son #4 (Adopted): Dexter Eamon Austen "Dax"
    Son #5: Viggo Jonah Austen
    Son #6: Orion Jace Austen
    Son #7: Odin Jacob Austen
    Daughter #6: Story Nichelle Austen
    Daughter #7: Riddle Annika Austen

    Now you are 45 & 49 and done with children. What are their names and ages?

    Jasper (25)

    Gabriel "Gabe" (22)
    Indiana "Indie" (22)
    Noah (22)
    Tennessee "Tess" (22)

    Collins (18)
    Winter (18)
    Amity "Ams" (18)

    Dexter "Dax" (17)

    Viggo (16)
    Orion (16)
    Odin (16)
    Story (16)
    Riddle (16)

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