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    Re: Mums (and Dads!) expecting twins+!

    Hello! My wife Milana and I are expecting twins, and we are truly ecstatic. We have a six-year-old son named Everett Cruz, whom we didn't have trouble conceiving, but with these twins, it took a long time before they were bestowed upon us (we started trying when Everett was two, since we wanted them to be close in age). I know that Everett is really excited to be a big brother - he's been giving us valuable advice on the names (and, of course, suggesting his own - his current favorite is Jolly for a boy and Little Lu for a girl. Too cute!) Twins are going to be a lot of work and really need a lot of attention, so I'm really hoping that Milana and I can make Everett feel very included in everything and make sure that he's getting enough attention. I'm a bit worried about how he'll adjust once they arrive, but I'm hoping for the best and am planning to have him help with feeding and changing their clothes. He's already helped pick out toys, clothes, and I think that helps as well. Luckily, he's a little older (than, say, a two or three-year-old), so he may be able to cope better.

    At our last ultrasound, the doctor determined that one of our twins is a girl and the other was not cooperating, so we're having one surprise Our name's aren't nailed down yet, but our favorites for girls are Philippa (nn Pippa), Guinevere (nn Gwyn), Lucķa (nn Lucy), and Mallory (nn Rory). Our favorites for a boy are Rowan (nn Ro), Kingsley, Julian (nn Jules), and Thomas (nn Tommy/Tom). I'll probably be posting for advice once we do a little more digging and thinking about the names. Right now, I'm just focusing on keeping Milana happy as she "inflates"

    Good luck to all with your twins!
    "Kitties always have the best names because isn't Lady Honeytoes better than Everett?" - my son, Everett

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    Re: Mums (and Dads!) expecting twins+!

    Hello everyone!

    I'm now 30 weeks and can't imagine could get any bigger... Both my boys are head down at the mo so fingers cross they stay that way and behave themselves so we can avoid the hospital.

    beka - wow! thanks for sharing! I do feel a tad sorry for your mum though - recovering from c-section and natural birth... I'm sure you and your brother are more than worth it though!

    Theresa - how wonderful you've managed to find a midwife who'll support your wishes! Fiona and Eloise are lovely btw!

    Milana and Tyreese - those names are lovely! Bless Everett trying to help! I'm sure he'll be an amazing big brother.

    Good luck and congratulations to you all!
    Dahlia x

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    Re: Mums (and Dads!) expecting twins+!

    hi everyone!

    my name is becky and im currently just about 27wks with twin girls. they have three older siblings: marin elizabeth, ocean white, and pearl frances.

    there is a history of twins in my family. my dad has a twin sister and she has twin girls as well. i wasn't aware that twinning can be passed down by a father, but i guess so. and it also means that my four girls will have a chance at twins, and my one son may have daughters or granddaughters who can have cool!

    i am also planning a home birth! very exciting. my two youngest were both born at home. best experience ever.

    as for names, we are very stuck. we each get to name far as we've gotten is picking which family middle names we will use. hubs is using his grandmother's name, aileen. and i am using the meaning of one of my sister's names, bee (sis' name is melissa which means honeybee).

    names i've liked for my twin:


    hubs likes:


    as you can see, we're rather stumped. we have been following a sea theme and are now running into a bit of a stall since a lot of the names start to get a little too 'out there' even for us. i hope something comes to us soon...though, i dont mind waiting until the perfect names become apparent.
    rebecca renee. wife to lucas christian. mother to: marin elizabeth, ocean white, pearl frances and g/g twin sisters rowan bee and lennox aileen. currently expecting baby #6, whose sex will be a surprise. name hunting is underway.

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    Re: Mums (and Dads!) expecting twins+!

    We're expecting twins (boy and girl) in February and are obviously very excited. We already have 2 children Casper and Ocean (5 and 3, though Ocean will be 4 in Jan). My mother was a great help with the first 2 so I'm hoping that will ease things. I've a very relaxed nature so we're planning on taking it as it comes!
    Moma to Casper, Ocean, Arnie and Clo

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    Re: Mums (and Dads!) expecting twins+!

    wow marie!

    we both have oceans! that's not very common at all! what names are you considering?
    rebecca renee. wife to lucas christian. mother to: marin elizabeth, ocean white, pearl frances and g/g twin sisters rowan bee and lennox aileen. currently expecting baby #6, whose sex will be a surprise. name hunting is underway.

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