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    Mums (and Dads!) expecting twins+!

    Hello everyone!

    I thought it would be nice for all of us who are expecting multiples to have a place to share our experiences, naming ideas, worries etc. So, I'll start:

    My name is Dahlia and I am expecting MoDi twin boys to be named Oliver Kendell and William Arden (first set of twins in our family for ages). I already have a 2yr old daughter named Kaia Felicity. I am due in January next year (but apparently am likely to deliver around Christmas...) and so far this pregnancy has been plain sailing (keeping fingers crossed it stays that way!). I am personally terrified at the possibilty of C-section especially as I had my previous daughter at home (have been given 50:50 chance depending on any complications and whether they can arrange themselves appropriately at the critical moment!). Kaia has been fairly indifferent to the idea that she'll be having 2 little brothers but has recently been telling everyone that she's "the big one"! I feel like a whale already (ha!) and just can't believe just how much I'm eating... Anyone else feeling constantly slightly naseous from the movement?

    So what about you? What are you expecting? Any history of multiples in the family? Do they have names yet? Any other children? How are they coping with the change? Are you going to try for a natural birth? Any particular worries?

    Best wishes and good luck to you all!

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    Re: Mums (and Dads!) expecting twins+!

    hi dollymixture, and congratulations!

    can't help with the expecting part (altho i feel like a whale at the moment expecting one in november--so i think i know how you feel)

    but my dhusband is a twin and his twin brother has twins. my dmil joked with dsil that she remembered the "morning, noon and night" sickness! hopefully, it'll get better for you!

    dh and his bro have fairly classic family names which happen to start with the same letter--but they have different mn and different monograms etc.

    hang in there. good luck!

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    Re: Mums (and Dads!) expecting twins+!

    Hi there deesa!

    Thanks for sharing! The whaleness isn't fun is it?!! Am now 26 weeks and am already as big as I was with Kaia when she was full term... is a little scary!

    All the best for you - November is so soon! Good Luck!


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    Re: Mums (and Dads!) expecting twins+!

    I'm not a mother (expecting or otherwise) but, I am a twin, and I have a unique birth story

    My mom had planned to have us at home, like you want to. She started going into labor about two weeks before her "due" date, but twins are nearly always early. She had Josh at home (with six midwives, around 6pm), then her labor stopped. They waited for it to start up again, but it never did. They drove to the hospital where her doctor worked (about 30 minutes away, in a different city), and I was born via C-section at midnight! So, Josh and I are six hours apart and have different birthdays . I hope that you have an easier experience, but we love how unique are birth was, and we love to tell the story. GL

    PS It's a good thing yours will be the same gender; people who don't know us think Josh and I are dating because we spend so much time together! He hates it, but I think it's hilarious.
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    Re: Mums (and Dads!) expecting twins+!

    beka- that is a very interesting story! thanks for sharing!

    I'm theresa and I'm due w/ twin girls in December (Dec 26th, but I'm thinking early-mid Dec.) We already have two daughters ages 6 and 8. I'm hoping to have the twins at home, but really can't make any concrete plans about that until I'm 36 weeks and as long as they both continue to stay head down. I really really do not want to have a C-section and I am happy to have found a midwife that will either attend my homebirth or at least accompany me to the hospital to help "advocate" for me and keep things real as far as the necessity for a c-section vs the convenience. So, I definitely understand your concerns about a C-section.
    I'm not feeling nauseous. My big complaint right now is being out of breath and not being able to sleep comfortably! I had very little nausea this pregnancy, which was odd because both previous pregnancies, I had morning sickness on and off the entire pregnancy!! ugg it was annoying.

    -There is no history of multiples in my family. I really don't even know any multiples so it's all new for me The girls each have their own sac, cord, placenta (but the placentas appeared to be fusing together which I've read is common) so we don't know if they are identical or fraternal yet. (if identicals split early, they each get a set of these).
    -Their names will be Eloise and Fiona (our older girls are Scarlett and Penelope)
    -Our older girls are very excited! I think they are at a perfect age where they are able to help out but also be a little independent and not need as much from mom and dad themselves.
    - I am planning a natural birth if they do arrive before 36 weeks and I have them in the hospital. Obviously their safety and health is #1, but I do plan to do some heavy pushing to avoid a c-section just because it is the thing to do for twins.
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