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    Re: Favorite cat names of all time

    These are some of the best I've heard:
    Ceefer - as in C for cat (and Deefer for a dog...)
    Tiger (very very appropriately named...!)
    Florentia and Esmerelda - a pair of purebred Persian sisters!!!

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    Re: Favorite cat names of all time

    Our cats are named Aslan and Kaplan. My husband lived in Istanbul for a year, and those are the Turkish words for lion and tiger.
    Mother of Theodore Atlas and Katherine Juno
    Teddy and Kitty

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    Re: Favorite cat names of all time

    My all-time favorites from friends:

    Bumper (named because the kitten was found stuck in a bumper-- my friend had to remove the bumper to get the cat out)
    Woebe (Short for 'Woe Betides Me, Nobody Loves Me'-- picture a very fluffy cat laying across the stairs with one paw over her face)
    Alley (as in Alley Cat)

    I was always more predictable-- Louis, Izzy, Ella, Lottie and Coco are my kitties

    My dad has called every male cat I ever had 'Tom'

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    Re: Favorite cat names of all time

    Not that they are the best cat names alone, but I love my husbands and my cats names as a group.

    Jackson n.n. Jack Jack by 2 year old step-daughter.

    They are all names after guitars.

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    Re: Favorite cat names of all time

    Single cats I have had:

    Little Orphan Annie "Annie"
    Spooky--so named because when I first got her, she hid in my closet for the first week straight
    Tempest--because she looked like she had a storm going on in her coat
    Fantasma "Taz" or "Tazzy girl"--her full name means "ghost" in a couple of different languages. I named her this because I found her close to Halloween, and also because I was madly in love with a guy whose nickname was "The Silver Ghost Samurai"


    Kitten sets:
    Kalee, Leo, and April--I did not name any of these kittens even though they were my cats. Leo and April were kind of named with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in mind. We found out later that April was actually a boy, but by that time, the cat was already used to his name.
    Snowball, M&M and PB&J--my dad named these guys, all after popular snacks.
    Buffy, Willow, Angel, Xander, and Spike--born, of course, during my Buffy-loving days. Buffy, Xander, and Spike all went to other homes, and Willow and Angel were renamed by people who were orginally going to keep them but then gave them back. They became Tweety and Nicholas, respectively.
    Liberty, Bell, Justice, Curtis, and (can't remember the fifth one's name)--born on the Fourth of July
    Phantom, Shadow, Spirit, Banshee, Spectra, and Kusinagi--Tazzy's girl's babies. All are ghost-related names
    Xena, Gabrielle, Calisto, and Joxler--the only show I could think of that typically had three girls and a boy was Xena

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