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    This is very interesting! I've been thinking about it recently...

    I always thought about having 3-4 children, because I love the idea of having a big family, with one year between #1 and #2, three years between #2 and #3, and then the smallest possible age gap between #3 and #4. But now, as a young adult, I think 4 kids might be a little too much for me. I have a little sister who's 3.5 younger than me. We fought a little when we were young but now we get along very well! Now, seriously, I think about having 2 kids, with a difference of 4 years between them.

    I really want to enjoy every little part of each baby's life. I want to give them a good education & provide them the best of life. I love going abroad, so I want to have financial conditions to travel with my children (let's agree that traveling with 4 children ABROAD is a bit hard and expensive). I want my first child to enjoy the arrival of a new baby (or at least be aware of it). That's it. Two children for me, 4 years apart.
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    My girls are two years apart. It’s been hard having a toddler and a newborn at the same time, but since they are close in age they’ll get to do stuff together when they get older. I’m two years younger than my sister and we are very close. I hope my daughters have the same relationship. I think they will, Beatrice loves her little sister

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    There are advantages with having kids close AND with having a gap.

    I had mine close, so heres my experience. My two are 14 months apart, yes I got pregnant when my first was 5 and a half months old! It was very hard on my body to have back to back pregnancies.

    I basically treated them like twins, same schedule for eating, sleeping, etc. I was exhausted, overstressed and only left the house one day a week to do errands.

    Looking back, I wouldn't change a moment!

    They are like built in bff. I was done with diapers and bottles forever, and my friends were starting back up again with baby #2 after 3 or 4 years.

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    My mom became pregnant when I was ten months old! Which to me is very close. But my brother and I have always been able to have a good relationship growing up. As teenagers were still able to talk, he can trust me as his older sister. It’s also a good age to help the younger sibling with homework and studying. I have one brother and two much older half brothers. Growing up I always felt that a third kid was missing and I would have loved to have had a sibling like 10 years younger or more than me. Only children turn out kind of strange from my experience. It’s always nice to have at least one sibling. I’m planning on having a really big family since I didn’t get one growing up! 5-7 kids and I couldn’t be more excited.
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