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    name referring to reflection, light and water

    I have a difficult question. When thinking of a girls name I am trying to think of the things I love the most and I think one of the most beautiful things in existence is what happens when light and water interact, whether that be showing a reflection in a lake, forming a rainbow or the sparkling of a sunshower. I've also thought of a prism. I've tried looking for names that might refer to this phenomenon (scientfically reflection/refraction) but maybe in a more cultural way. We're both scientists who like to have influences from multiple cultlures.... So far the best ideas I have are:

    Aurora - dawn, goddess of morning, northern lights
    Aura - breeze, wind or glowing light
    Aurea - variation of Aura
    Iris - goddess of rainbows, in greek mythology linking heaven and earth
    Jora - hebrew, autumn rain
    Kailani - hawaiian, the sea and sky
    Kalinda - sun
    Kirana - indonesian, beautiful sunbeam
    Leora - hebrew, light
    Neorah - hebrew, light
    Pele - hawaiian goddess of fire, lighting, dance and volcanoes (mostly related to volcanoes though)
    Picabo - native american, shining waters (great meaning, don't like the name)

    I would consider using both the first name and middle name to come up with the meaning, such as using the middle name Rain. I would use a scientific word if it actually sounded like a name. Aurora is my favorite, but it's too popular.

    Any ideas????


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    Re: name referring to reflection, light and water

    Luz is the first one that came to mind. It means light in Spanish.

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    Re: name referring to reflection, light and water

    There's the spanish Sol = sun
    The French Soleil= sun
    Oceana can be for water.
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    Re: name referring to reflection, light and water

    I love Aura and Iris. I believe Kalinda is a sanskrit boys name though Kalindi is the female form.

    How about these:
    Itzel - native american meaning rainbow
    Enfys - welsh meaning rainbow
    Aza - swahili meaning reflect
    Selah - hebrew meaning reflect
    Amarilla/Amarylla/Amaryllis - greek meaning sparkling
    Ayah - african meaning sparkling
    Iskra - slavonic meaning spark
    Electra - greek meaning shining
    Eleni - greek meaning bright, shining one
    Zara - arabic meaning shining flower
    Aline/Alina - armenian meaning bearer of the light
    Elaine/Elaina - greek meaning bright light
    Helina - russian meaning light from the sun
    Lucinda/Lucy etc. - latin meaning light
    Rasana - sanskrit meaning beam of light or perception
    Ama - native american meaning water
    India - sanskrit meaning body of water
    Kyla - gaelic meaning a beautiful strait of water
    Naida - greek meaning as a water nymph
    Nereida - greek meaning water nymph
    Nerina - greek meaning water
    Talise - native american meaning beautiful water
    Eldora - greek meaning gift of sun
    Heulyn - welsh meaning ray of sun
    Raveena - punjabi meaning beauty of the sun

    Like any?

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    Re: name referring to reflection, light and water

    I love your approach to naming a daughter. So cool!

    This site might help...

    There are lists for names from many cultures referring to light, dreams, and earth elements, among others.

    Good Luck!
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