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    Re: CAF with name bank

    DH: Ambrose Duke
    DW: Eleanore Ida

    DS1: Kiernan Lev
    DD1: Cosette May
    DS2: Palmer McCoy
    DD2: Zora Ever

    DS1 (from above): Kiernan Lev
    DW: Cleo Harriet
    *DD: Poppy Ophelia
    *DD: Evelina Greer
    *DD: Story Guinevere

    DD1 (from above): Cosette May
    DH: Rafe Wallace
    *DS/DS: Tiernan Noble/Alistair Grey
    *DD: Imogen Susannah
    *DS: Luther Kingsley

    DS2 (from above): Palmer McCoy
    DW: Billie Clair
    *DD: Florence Lane
    *DS: Zach Osiris
    *DS: Jareth Dash
    *DS/DD: Wolfgang Sky/Venus Prudence

    DD2 (from above): Zora Ever
    DH: Shepard Montgomery
    *DS: Chester Fox
    *DD/DD: Elodie Loretta/Opal Isobel
    *DS: Lars Octavius

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    Re: CAF with name bank

    DH: Alistair Lars
    DW: Billie Prudence

    DS1: Shepherd Willis
    DD1: Salome Florence
    DS2: Hamilton Rafe
    DD2: Persephone Clair

    DS1 (from above): Shepherd Willis
    DW: Harriet Rowen
    *DD: Marlo Oakley
    *DD: Ever Indigo
    *DD: Opal Imogen

    DD1 (from above): Salome Florence
    DH: Tiernan Wallace
    *DS/DS: Cal Raleigh/Lex Kingsley
    *DD: Margo May
    *DS: Gray Murphy

    DS2 (from above): Hamilton Rafe
    DW: Brennan Isobel
    *DD: Romy Elinor
    *DS: Cy Edmond
    *DS: Duke Ambrose
    *DS/DD: West Kiernan/Cleo Greer

    DD2 (from above): Persephone Clair
    DH: Flynn Constantine
    *DS: Fox Montgomery
    *DD/DD: Zadie Cosette/Poppy Niamh
    *DS: Rio McCoy

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    Re: CAF with name bank

    DH: Kingsley Rush
    DW: Susannah Greer

    DS1: McCoy Tiernan
    DD1: Sheridan Luca
    DS2: Baker West
    DD2: Lane Salome

    King, Susie, McCoy, Sherry, Baker, and Laney.

    DS1 (from above): McCoy Tiernan
    DW: Clair Lennon
    *DD: May Romy
    *DD: Raleigh Dinah
    *DD: Aislinn Mason

    McCoy, Clair, May, Raleigh, and Aislinn.

    DD1 (from above): Sheridan Luca
    DH: Wiley Benedict
    *DS/DS: Charley Quinlan / Gray Jareth
    *DD: Rowen Cleo
    *DS: Flynn Sylvester

    Sherry, Wiley, Charley, Gray, Rowen and Flynn.

    DS2 (from above): Baker West
    DW: Zadie Lisette
    *DD: Evelina Arwen
    *DS: Wes Murphy
    *DS: Zach Noble
    *DS/DD: Brenner Thor / Bronwyn Marlo

    Baker, Zadie, Lina, Wes, Zach, Brenner, and Bronwyn.

    DD2 (from above): Lane Salome
    DH: Dmitri Bradford
    *DS: Kiernan Dash
    *DD/DD: Leigh Elodie / Guinevere Dara
    *DS: Warner Crosby

    Laney, Dmitri, Kiernan, Leigh, Genny, and Warner.

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    Re: CAF with name bank

    DH: Robin Kingsley McCoy
    DW: Ophelia Clair

    DS1: Alistair Kiernan
    DD1: Calliope Serafina
    DS2: Lazarus Quinlan
    DD2: Persephone Cleo

    DS1 (from above): Alistair
    DW: Billie Evelina Greer
    *DD: Brigid Arwen
    *DD: Niamh Bronwyn
    *DD: Aislinn Guinevere

    DD1 (from above): Calliope
    DH: Dmitri Osiris West
    *DS/DS: Ambrose Ansel and Marius Dash
    *DD: Poppy Susannah
    *DS: Sylvester Octavius

    DS2 (from above): Lazarus
    DW: Harriet Isobel Baker
    *DD: Imogen Portia
    *DS: Chester Zacharius
    *DS: Basil Wallace
    *DS/DD: Montgomery and Elinor

    DD2 (from above): Persephone
    DH: Reggie Benedict Fox
    *DS: Archie Constantine
    *DD/DD: Edie Suzanne and Milly Opal
    *DS: Zach Aurelio
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    Re: CAF with name bank

    DH: Quinlan Jareth
    DW: Dinah Leigh

    DS1: Archie Bradford
    DD1: Elinor Lane
    DS2: Wiley Tiernan
    DD2: Poppy Clair

    DS1 (from above): Archie Bradford
    DW: Edie Brigid
    *DD: Susannah May
    *DD: Evelina Isobel
    *DD: Imogen Cleo

    DD1 (from above): Elinor Lane
    DH: Zacharius Cy
    *DS/DS: Charley Brenner/Flynn Dash
    *DD: Elodie Aislinn
    *DS: Zach Baker

    DS2 (from above): Wiley Tiernan
    DW: Niamh Brennan
    *DD: Seraphina Meg
    *DS: Marius Gray
    *DS: Kiernan Rafe
    *DS/DD: West Lars/Milly Sheridan

    DD2 (from above): Poppy Clair
    DH: Raleigh Warner
    *DS: Dmitri Fox
    *DD/DD: Indigo Raleigh/Zadie
    *DS: Edmond Wes

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