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    Re: CAF with name bank

    DH: Jed Lazarus
    DW: Margo Sutton

    DS1: Rafe Alistair
    DD1: Portia Cosette
    DS2: Kiernan Fox
    DD2: Elodie Lane

    DS1 (from above): Rafe Alistair
    DW: Dara Hillary
    *DD: Clair Lisette
    *DD: Jules Persephone
    *DD: Niamh Guinevere

    DD1 (from above): Portia Cosette
    DH: Constantine Noble
    *DS/DS: Lars Crosby & Lex Warner
    *DD: Luca May
    *DS: Lev Ambrose

    DS2 (from above): Kiernan Fox
    DW: Brigid Oakley
    *DD: Greer Bronwyn
    *DS: Quinlan Cy
    *DS: Ansel Zacharius
    *DS/DD: Wiley Thor & Winnie Elinor

    DD2 (from above): Elodie Lane
    DH: Robin Cecil
    *DS: Mac Palmer
    *DD/DD: Zadie Isobel & Zora Harriet
    *DS: Cal Bradford

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    Re: CAF with name bank

    DH: Basil Constantine McCoy
    DW: Florence Ever

    DS1: Zacharius Ambrose
    DD1: Guinevere Cosette
    DS2: Lazarus Wolfgang
    DD2: Brigid Elinor

    DS1 (from above): Zacharius
    DW: Lisette Susannah
    *DD: Luca Brennan
    *DD: Evelina Portia
    *DD: Poppy Indigo

    DD1 (from above): Guinevere
    DH: Raleigh Alistair Fox
    *DS/DS: Mickey Luther and Edie Prudence
    *DD: Millie Arwen
    *DS: Archie Quinlan

    DS2 (from above): Lazarus
    DW: Bronwyn Hilary Warner
    *DD: Clair Persephone
    *DS: Montgomery Lars
    *DS: Flynn Osiris
    *DS/DD: Sylvester Willis and Seraphina Calliope

    DD2 (from above): Brigid
    DH: Bradford Horacio McKinley
    *DS: Wallace Kiernan
    *DD/DD: Cleo Aislinn and Niamh Ophelia
    *DS: Edmond Virgil
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    Re: CAF with name bank

    DH: Jed Tiernan
    DW: Susannah Aislinn (Annie)

    DS1: Alistair Basil (Ali)
    DD1: Persephone May (Sephy)
    DS2: Charley Edmond
    DD2: Rowen Hilary

    DS1 (from above): Alistair Basil (Ali)
    DW: Clair Imogen
    *DD: Arwen Salome
    *DD: Billie Isobel
    *DD: Poppy Brennan

    DD1 (from above): Persephone May (Sephy)
    DH: Archie Sky
    *DS/DS: Mickey Fox & Zach Gray
    *DD: Calliope Edie (Callie)
    *DS: Flynn Adair

    DS2 (from above): Charley Edmond
    DW: Harriet Venus
    *DD: Evelina Quincy (Evie)
    *DS: Rio Gray
    *DS: Cal Horacio
    *DS/DD: Bronwyn Loretta

    DD2 (from above): Rowen Hilary
    DH: Reggie Lars
    *DS: Jules Warner
    *DD/DD: Margo Cleo
    *DS: Chester Duke (Chez)

    Boys Name Bank:
    Abe, Adair, Alistair, Archie, Ambrose, Ansel, Atlas, Aurelio, Baker, Barack, Basil, Benedict, Boaz, Boone, Bradford, Brenner, Cal, Cecil, Charley, Chester, Constantine, Crosby, Cy, Dash, Dmitri, Dov, Duke, Edmond, Esau, Flynn, Ford, Fox, Gray, Hamilton, Horacio, Ike, Jareth, Jed, Jules, Kiernan, Kingsley, Lars, Lazarus, Lev, Lex, Luther, Mac, Marius, McCoy, McKinley, Mickey, Monte/Monty, Montgomery, Murphy, Noble, Octavius, Osiris, Palmer, Quinlan, Rafe, Raleigh, Reggie, Rio, Robin, Rush, Shepherd, Sky, Sylvester, Teo, Thor, Tiernan, Virgil, Vito, Wallace, Warner, Wes, West, Wiley/Wylie, Willis, Wolfgang, Zach, Zacharius

    Girls Name Bank:
    Aislinn, Arwen, Billie, Brennan, Brigid, Bronwyn, Calliope, Clair, Cleo, Coco, Cosette, Dara, Dinah, Edie, Elinor/Eleanore, Elodie, Evelina, Ever, Florence, Greer, Guinevere, Harriet, Hilary, Ida, Imogen, Indigo, Isobel, Jill, Jules, Lane, Leigh, Lennon, Lisette, Loretta, Luca, Margo, Marlo, Mason, May, Meg, Milly, Niamh, Oakley, Opal, Ophelia, Persephone, Pilar, Poppy, Portia, Prudence, Quincy, Raleigh, Romy, Rowen, Salome, Serpahina/Serafina, Sheridan, Story, Susannah, Sutton, Suzanne, Tamar, Venus, Winnie, Zadie, Zora
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    Re: CAF with name bank

    DH: Alistair Montgomery
    DW: Milly Venus

    DS1: Marius Rio
    DD1: Guinevere Cosette
    DS2: Octavius Thor
    DD2: Persephone Indigo

    DS1: Marius Rio
    DW: Margo Portia
    *DD: Susannah Opal
    *DD: Harriet Isobel
    *DD: Imogen Poppy

    DD1: Guinevere Cosette
    DH: Archie Hamilton
    *DS/DS: Flynn Chester/Kiernan Edmond
    *DD: Cleo Brigid
    *DS: Sky Benedict

    DS2 (from above): Octavius Thor
    DW: Bronwyn Ever
    *DD: Niamh Aislinn
    *DS: Rafe Cecil/Constantine Adair
    *DS: Dmitri Atlas
    *DS/DD: Aurelio Fox/Seraphina Story

    DD2: Persephone Indigo
    DH: Quinlan Jed
    *DS: Robin Murphy
    *DD/DD: Florence Ida/Elinor Zora
    *DS: Ansel West

    Alistair and Milly have Marius, Ginny, Otto and Persy.
    Marius and Margo have Sunny, Hattie and Imi.
    Ginny and Archie have Flynn, Kier, Cleo and Sky.
    Otto and Bonnie have Niamh, Rafe, Stan, Mitri, Rory and Sepphy.
    Persy and Quin have Robbie, Flo, Nell and Ansel.
    Gwendolen & Jerome & Rosenwyn & Nikolai

    Seasonal lovelies
    Demelza Clove . Jorah Dunstan . Cerelia Autumn . Rupert Garrick . Hesper Scarlett .
    Nashua Rowan . Cassia Hecate . Jasper Gwydion . Rowena Aspen . Reid Septimus

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    Re: CAF with name bank

    DH: Jules Rush
    DW: Florence Dina

    DS1: Dash Gray
    DD1: Evelina May
    DS2: Wallace Sky
    DD2: Persephone Leigh

    DS1 (from above): Dash Gray
    DW: Isobel Meg
    *DD: Margo Dara
    *DD: Eleanore Story
    *DD: Poppy Oakley

    DD1 (from above): Evelina May
    DH: Osiris Wes
    *DS/DS: Wiley Adair/Dmitri Atlas
    *DD: Ever Elodie
    *DS: Marius Lars

    DS2 (from above): Wallace Sky
    DW: Indigo Pilar
    *DD: Seraphina Greer
    *DS: Jareth Tio
    *DS: Alistair Baker
    *DS/DD: Edmond Charley/ Arwen Mason

    DD2 (from above): Persephone Leigh
    DH: Aurelio Ford
    *DS: Constantine Horacio
    *DD/DD: Guinevere Lane/ Winnie Cosette
    *DS: Warner Ansel

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