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    Re: Your Grade 2 class

    Just Because I'm Bored (and trying to put off housework for just alittle longer LOL I'm Gonna do this one again :-)

    Jade Valerie Eaddy
    Odessa Mackenna Spikes
    Shae Margot Lachley
    Carlin Paisley Stacks
    Annabelle Pearl Rucci
    Gracelyn Isolde Hable
    Avah Jaymes Neiman
    Rosalie Gaetana Lyter
    Ever Wilhemina Gaarsland
    Lotus Daisy Woodson
    Fallon Bailey Oakden
    Jagger Lilian Tabor

    *Jade, Dessa, Shae, Carli, Annie, Gracelyn, Avah, Rosie, Ever, Lotus, Fallon, and Jagger*

    Sanders Damian Petasinski
    Micah Thomas Meadows
    Killian Ezekiel Landow
    Harley Chance Enders
    Riley Landon Quavers
    Zavier Justice Ivory
    Dustin Bennett England
    Wilder Vadin Starkson
    Abel Chaseton Driggers
    Parker Seamus Rochester
    Lycan Bayne Felix

    *Sanders, Mikey, Killian, Harley, Riley, Zavier, Dusty, Wilder, Abel, Parker, and Lycan*

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    Re: Your Grade 2 class

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    Re: Your Grade 2 class

    1. JessaLynn Violet Ender "Jessa"
    2. Olive Maeve Smith "Livie"
    3. Sofia Megan Lorenz
    4. Cara Penelope Smitters
    5. Aria Pearl Roken "Ria"
    6. Gigi Isabel Haywards
    7. Amora Josefina Newark
    8. Raeleigh Grace Logan
    9. Eliana Willow Grater
    10. Laila Delaine Wilcott
    11. Faya Brielle Oakley
    12. Juliet Lynne Traversa

    1. Simeon Daniel Patrick
    2. Mitchell Tanner Mcphillen "Mitch"
    3. Kai Edwards Lachlan
    4. Harrison Clements Errington "Harri"
    5. Ryland Lincoln Quint
    6. Zane Joseph Isenhow
    7. Duncan Boston East
    8. Wyatt Vince Scant
    9. Alvie Cash Duncan
    10. Pierce Setton Rogers
    11. Leander Blake Fitchgiles "Ander"

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    Re: Your Grade 2 class

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    Your Grade 2 class
    by belladaisy » Sun Sep 26, 2010 12:21 am
    You are a teacher and will be teaching a Grade 2 class next year. You've just recieved the list of names for your class. The initials are here, you can come up with the full names. The type of area you teach in will determine what kind of names there will be. For example, are there lots of trendy, mis-spelled names? Are there a predominant amount of classic, vintage names? Do you work in a multi-cultural area? Is there a dominant culture in the class?

    When you see the list of names, what are your initial reflections? You've never met any of these kids before, but are you starting to form impressions already just based on the names?

    1. Josephine Vivian Ellery
    2. Ophelia Millicent Salverton
    3. Sylvia Melinda Lanford
    4. Charlotte Philippa Salverton
    5. Adelaide Priscilla Ramsey
    6. Genevieve Isabel Howe
    7. Audrey Jean Newkirk
    8. Ruth Gwendolyn Lanford
    9. Evelyn Winifred Grier
    10. Lucy Dinah Walker
    11. Francesca Bathsheba Orem
    12. Jean Lilian Triste

    1. Samuel David Parker
    2. Matthew Timothy Markum
    3. Kenneth Edmund Lanford
    4. Howard Charles Ellery
    5. Richard Lionel Quinn
    6. Zachariah James Ilario
    7. David Benjamin Everett
    8. Wallace Vincent Syler
    9. Albert Charles Darringer
    10. Philip Simon Ramsey
    11. Leonard Benjamin Frasier

    A lot of older names, no new-fangled names or spellings
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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