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    Re: Your Grade 2 class

    You are a teacher and will be teaching a Grade 2 class next year. You've just recieved the list of names for your class. The initials are here, you can come up with the full names. The type of area you teach in will determine what kind of names there will be. For example, are there lots of trendy, mis-spelled names? Are there a predominant amount of classic, vintage names? Do you work in a multi-cultural area? Is there a dominant culture in the class?

    When you see the list of names, what are your initial reflections? You've never met any of these kids before, but are you starting to form impressions already just based on the names?

    1. Jules Verity Everett
    2. Orla Madeleine Sampson
    3. Sasha Monique Lewis
    4. Calista Penelope Sanders "Callie"
    5. Adelaide Piper Rollins
    6. Gwendolyn Iris Harris "Gwen"
    7. Aurora June Nealson "Rory"
    8. Romilly Grace Latori "Romy"
    9. Estela Willow Garcia
    10. Leonie Danielle Winston
    11. Fabiola Belen Ortega
    12. Jocelyn Lenore Torrino

    1. Soren Derk Pederson
    2. Milo Theodore Martin
    3. Kane Elias Levinson
    4. Harrison Carter Eames "Harry"
    5. Rafferty Linus Quinn "Rafe"
    6. Zako Johannes Ignaas "Zak"
    7. Damian Bryant Emmerson
    8. Wyatt Victor Smith
    9. Amos Chandler Danielson
    10. Phillip Sebastian Reese "Phil"
    11. Luca Bernard Fabrezi

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    Re: Your Grade 2 class

    I love you as certain dark things are loved,
    secretly, between the shadow and the soul.

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    Re: Your Grade 2 class

    1. JVE: Jayne Vittoria Eck
    2. OMS: Olivia Margaret Stephenson
    3. SML: Shelby Miranda Lawson
    4. CPS: Colina Pilar Sanchez
    5. APR: Aubrey Penelope Richardson
    6. GIH: Gabriella Ivy Hewitt
    7. AJN: Anna Joy Nelson
    8. RGL: Reese Gwendolyn Lassiter
    9. EWG: Emelia Wynn Greene
    10. LDW: Lola Daniela Williamson
    11. FBO: Felicity Beth Owens
    12. JLT: Jada Louise Thompson

    1. SDP: Stewart Damon Paulson
    2. MTM: Milo Theodore McDermott
    3. KEL: Kian Elijah Largie
    4. HCE: Holden Christopher Edge
    5. RLQ: Ryder Leland Quinn
    6. ZJI: Zane Joseph Ice
    7. DBE: Dakota Benson Ellison
    8. WVS: Wesley Victor Schwartz
    9. ACD: Aidan Conner Davis
    10. PSR: Phillip Steven Raymond
    11. LBF: Landon Brian Foster

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