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    The No-No Questions

    Anyone who has ever been pregnant or had children knows all about those questions that shouldn't be asked, yet always seem to be asked by everyone whether they know you or not. Whether in Target, at the playground or at work, we are faced with question that run from the absurd to the down right rude just because people seem to think that if you are pregnant they have the right.
    Here are some of the questions I have been asked either during this pregnancy or my previous one:

    'Woah, another set of twins? Did you want to shoot yourself when you found out?' (what? who says that?)

    'Did you circumcise your sons?' (asked by a complete stranger at the park)

    'Two sets of twins? You must be done having children now, right?' (Said with a look of horror at my husbands office party)

    'Are you going to breast feed?' (asked in the check out line of Target)

    'How long were you in labor?' (Waiting to take the boys home after giving birth)

    'Did you have a c-section?'

    'How much weight have you gained?' and then 'Have you lost all your pregnancy weight?'

    'Do your boobs hurt?' (at work after announcing my first pregnancy)

    Anyways, what are some of the questions that you have been asked? How did you react to them?
    Brianna and Chase Proud Parents to:
    William Bennett (4)
    Alexander Ephraim (4)
    Boy/Girl Twins November 2010

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