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    Any jewel name as a first name-- sounds too flashy and "girly-girl"
    May/Mae-- too hard to use in conversation, as "May" is both the name of a month and a verb
    Alice-- makes me think of "Alice in Wonderland"
    Katrina-- VERY beautiful name, but now associated with the devastating hurricane that hit the Gulf of Mexico in 2007
    Flower names-- for the same reason as the jewel names
    Angela-- I'm not super crazy for the nickname "Angie"
    Zoe-- people sometimes pronounce it "Zo"

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    Names that our surname will make unusable;
    Any ‘C’ or ‘K’ name - Caleb, Clara, Cordelia, Clarice, Charlotte, Claudia, Kieran
    Malcolm – The ‘k’ sound in the middle clashes
    Ophelia – I ADORE this name, but realised today that with our surname could be used as innuendo for lady parts if paired with this name, i.e. ‘O-feel-ya (insert innuendo)’. :-(

    Names my fiancé hates;
    Hester, Zachary, Owen (apparently Owen Wilson ruined this name for him!), Damaris, Fabian, Andrew

    Names that are too ‘out there’ to use;
    Nyx, Aurelius, Digory, Loki, Phineas, Malachi

    Names that are already in use by family members;
    Adam, Ruth, Louise, Helen, Elizabeth, Nicholas, Michael, Alex (also an ex), Anne, Joseph

    Names that have been ruined by association;
    Sara, Laurie, Lauren, Patrick (my sister’s ex)
    Girls: Alice, Anna, Astrid, Beatrice, Clara, Elodie, Emily, Evelyn, Hannah, Hermione, Lorna, Phoebe, Sophie, Sylvia
    Boys: Andrew, Arthur, Elliot, Griffin, Hamish, Henry, Leopold, Martin, Peter, Robin, Rupert, Thomas, Tobias, William
    Guilty Pleasures: Athena, Damaris, Digory, Emrys, Ganymede, Hester, Jessamine, Phineas, Myrtle, Nymeria, Nyx

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    Amanda- too outdated
    Ireland- too tied to Alec Baldwin
    Eryn- too tryndee sawndeeng
    Enya- makes me think of the Irish singer
    London- bad experiences
    Maya- have a cousin named this
    Amaya- too close to Maya
    Marleigh/Marley- WAY too common in my area
    Charleigh- same thing
    Marlow- makes me think of Christopher Marlowe

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