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    Madison (on a boy) - no, not because I fear he would get beat up or teased, but because I really don't want to have to hear people say, "but that's a GIRL's name!" Well, it's not to me.
    Alexis (on a boy) - same issue. I fear the fact it is currently in the 200s range won't be enough for some.
    Cassidy (on a boy) - not sure if this is more of a girl's name or not, but I love it on a boy for some reason.

    Lila (pronounced lee-lah) - I just know people won't get the pronunciation right.
    Fatima - I'd feel odd using a name heavily associated with a religion I'm not, almost as if I were being intrusive by using it. Nevertheless, it could easily be one of my favorite girl names.
    Melanie - sounds too similar to my name. (Natalie) I've actually had people mishear me and call me Melanie.
    Janis - yes, as in Joplin. However, I was almost named this. (different spelling though)
    Eilwony (pronounced ell-on-wee) - from The Black Cauldron. Not sure I could pull it off.
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    A similar thread, in case you're interested:!/page8

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    Emma - too popular
    Emily- same as Emma
    Sophia - same
    Scarlett- very popular, and also too similar to Juliet

    Jude- too similar to Juliet
    Julian- same^
    Michael- too popular
    Sarah Beth <3

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    Kjell - pronunciation issues
    Bjorn -same as above
    Prescott - too preppy
    Hamish - everyone else hates it

    Pixie - same as above
    Kimber - Love this (also the brand of my favorite pistol) others do no
    Siri - old family name but it reminds me too much of Tom Cruise's kid
    Vesper - been nixed by the bf
    Isolde- same as above
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    Elizabeth-Some bad connections to people with my husband
    Alexander-Lots of friends and family have sons with this name so it's too popular in our social group
    Molly-Too similar to Mary
    Henry nickname Harry-Rhymes with Mary
    Hannah-Too popular
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