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    Re: What are some names you love but would never use?

    Apollo... it just is too much for anyone, child or adult. But something about it draws me to it.

    Apolo Anton Ohno makes it work, but I think mostly because it's a full-name package since he's a celebrity.
    One little born 1/14

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    Re: What are some names you love but would never use?

    Calliope-nn Callie, but husband refuses, and it seems a little hippy-ish

    Saoirse- I'm sure it would forever be mispronounced in my midwestern town.

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    Re: What are some names you love but would never use?

    Georgia/Georgianna - sounds terrible with our surname
    Beatrice - DH said that it sounds like the name of a witch
    Olivia - too popular
    Margaux - love that spelling, but it wouldn't look right with our surname

    Daniel - not sure I'd want to use it, it's my dad's name.
    Gareth - too British for us.
    Wesley - i like it, but DH doesn't.

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    Re: What are some names you love but would never use?

    Aisling : I traveled in Ireland while pregnant with my first daughter, and fell in love with this name. While I was there, a horrible plane crash occurred in S. America and a young Irish woman named Aisling was killed. Ireland's a small country so it was all over the news everyday while I was there. Also, we're not Irish so I'd feel like a poser a little.

    Aurora: Beautiful name, beautiful meaning. Unfortunately, one of the scummiest, ugliest places in the Denver area is a suburb called Aurora.

    : It's just too over-the-top.

    Tara: I would LOVE to use this simple, gorgeous name, but a Tara I used to know wrecked it for me.

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    Thomas - Adore this name, but hate the nn Tom! It's as boring as Ann and Jane, urgh!
    Grace - Beautiful name, but half my church seems to be called this, one of which is my OH's sister
    Aoife - I think this is so pretty but living in England I think people will have a really pronunciation problem with it and I know what it's like to have a strangely spelled name. But I hate changing traditional spellings and Eefa just looks silly even if it is easy to read
    Lux - It's just so short and a lot of people think it sounds a bit pole dancery
    Alfie and Emma - Great names but I have cousins with these names
    Charlotte - Such a femine, regal name, but it sounds too similar to mine, I wish I was called this instead of my strange, unpronouncable, unlegible name
    Amelie - I like this when pronounced Ah-mil-ee but not when pronounced Ah-May-Lee and since the latter is the correct way then I won't use it

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