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    Re: What are some names you love but would never use?

    Evelyn nn Evie (Too popular, in fact I like a lot of old fashioned names, but that seems to be the "in thing" now)
    Donovan (My daughter's name already starts with D, and I refuse to have them start with the same letter)
    Reed & Miles (Twins from my daughter's preschool, very cute, but not my style)
    Jackson nn Jax (Way too popular, decided to name our dog Jax instead)
    Aidan (Again, too popular, but it's a name I've loved for a long time)

    There are many, many more, but I'll stop at this.

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    Re: What are some names you love but would never use?

    (both for spelling/pronunciation issues in the U.S.)

    Isabel (because of popularity)

    (because they're too out there)

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    Re: What are some names you love but would never use?

    Milo............I love it, but my husband was quick to say, "Milo the silo" or "Milo and Otis."
    Parker.........My DHs grandfather's surname, but too trendy for me.
    Hugh...........Sounds like "you" whenever I say it aloud.
    Desmond......Too many family members have said they hate it and will refer to him as "Tutu."
    Declan.........Would love this if we had an Irish surname.
    Hugo...........DH can't not associate it with Hugo Reyes from "Lost."
    Raymond......My grandfather, but also our next door neighbor.
    Alistair........Too British for me on this side of the pond.

    Daphne........DH can't get past the Scooby Doo character
    Evangeline....Too long for our surname.
    Dagny..........Love it, love the meaning, I'm part Scandinavian, but everyone seems to hate it.
    Eloise..........DH does not like. He doesn't know why. He just can't give in to this one.
    Elodie..........Too many people think it's just Melody with the missing 'm.' Love it though.
    Maisie..........Love, but a bit nicknamey for my family.
    Daisy...........Again, it's not a nickname, but a little too cutesy.
    Jane............I just may someday, but I have to get past all the "plain Jane" remarks.

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    Re: What are some names you love but would never use?

    And add Mireille. I've loved this name forever, but only the French and other name nerds can know how to pronounce it!

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    Re: What are some names you love but would never use?

    Eulalie - gorgeous, but too uncommon and out there...would most likely get confused with Eudora. Maybe as a mn.
    Azalea - beautiful, but too unheard of
    Violet - my cousin's name
    Xaviera - name of some famous mistress
    Sephora - it's really a Hebrew name, but it would get confused the makeup store too often
    Keturah - too unheard of, probably hard to pronounce in English
    Celeste - hard to pronounce, I'm not fond of any of its nicknames either
    Xylia - cute, but sounds like something from the future, or Mars....
    Aurora - hard to say, too princess-y
    Esther - no nickname!, reminds me of the Biblical figure to much
    Abigail - too common
    Hadarah - too uncommon
    Frances - I HATE the nickname Franny!! :evil:
    Eden - too common
    Zephyr - used for boys as well, too hippie
    Tatum - would be associated with Tatum O'Neal too much
    Jillian - this girl who I grew up with who was very mean to me had this name But I still love it!
    Eliora - too many names sound like it
    Briar - too much like Briar Rose of Sleeping Beauty
    Milania - I'm not Italian, and it has no nice nicknames
    Dorothy - I love this name, but unfortunately my family had money stolen from someone with this name.
    Mary - I'm Jewish This is too Christian for me.
    Oceana - too out there

    Japheth - sounds like so many other "J" names
    Abraham - many in my family would object....
    Zev - many people in the U.S. would raise an eyebrow
    Asher - too common now!
    Axel - that link to rock music....
    Landon - too common now! Maybe as mn.
    Lennox - someone in my family is named Leonard
    Ethan - my brother's name!
    Dallas - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this name! But it has a little bit of a trashy feel in my opinion.
    Daniel - too common
    Dashiell - too common now...maybe as mn.
    Abigail, Beatrice, Jemima, Hazel, Matilda, Svea

    Isaac, James, Jasper, Julius, Sebastian, William

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