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    Re: What are some names you love but would never use?

    Miles- My Cousin Is Using It For Her Baby
    Ainsley-My Other Cousin Has A Daughter Named This
    Christopher- I Know Way Too Many Chris's and Christopher's
    Kingsley- Hubby doesn't like it
    Rylan-Too Close To Rylee
    Raleigh-Same Reason As Rylan
    Bailey- Hubby Doesn't Like It
    Madeline- Hubby Doesn't Like Names That Sound Like "Madison"
    Addison- same reason as Madeline
    Katelyn- Way Too Popular, I know of at least 4 little girls named this right off the top of my head
    Skyler- Cousin Has A Daughter Named This, Spelled Skylar (even though i would still consider it as a middle name for a boy)
    Talan- Skylar's Little Brother
    Tyler- Ainsley Little Brother


    These 3 have a personal meaning to me, last year i found out i was pregnant well a little over a month later i found that i had lost the baby. we never found out the sex of the baby but if it was a girl, i wanted to call her Kayli-Wyatt Mckinley. Yeah, I know it's out there and weird but for some reason i fell head over heels for it. I don't feel right using it for another child because I feel that it belongs to the baby we lost..

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    Re: What are some names you love but would never use?

    Annalee- Love it, but now every time I hear it I think 'Anally'
    Ayla- Love the meaning and the sound, but a bit too trendy stylewise
    Eilidh- too many pronunciation issues...
    Faline- too associated with disney
    Mercedes- too tied to the car
    October- a friend just named her baby this
    Sahara- too close to Zahara & Brangelina
    Autumn- too popular right now
    Valentine- she would always be tied to the holiday
    Holiday- so sweet, but maybe too trendy

    Walter- still too old man but I love the nn Walt
    Shepherd- no good nn for it
    Sebastian- I think of the crab from little mermaid
    Rudolph- the red nosed reindeer....
    Ace/Lucky- too nicknamey
    Knight- a little too pretentious sounding to me
    Judah- bad experiences
    Ewan- reminds me of a sheep
    Basil- too feminine sounding for me
    Auden- reminds me either of Odd or Odor, just can't seem to say it right
    Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Eliot

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    Re: What are some names you love but would never use?

    Olivia (due to popularity) &
    Saraia (due to sounding like a psoriasis)
    Alana Dale

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    Re: What are some names you love but would never use?

    Ophelia - too tied to the Hamlet character, plus it would definitely get a lot of weird looks

    That's the only one I can think of at this moment, but I'm sure I'll think of more later.

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    Re: What are some names you love but would never use?

    Bailey for a boy. It makes me feel oooollllllddddd to realize I remember when this was a fresh, exciting choice -- and then realize how long ago that was!
    I want to move to Bay -- but one syllable isn't enough and I can't figure out a good way to extend it. Might use it in the middle.
    Isabelle/Isabella. Truly lovely. Classic. Complex. Too bad millions agree. I guess it's more like billions. Sigh.
    Autry. I'm a nn person, and there isn't anywhere good to go with this name. Odd? Nah. Not going there. Even Aut equals nothing. Tree is pretty fashionalbe with the green name revival, but I don't think I'm the type...

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