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    What to name a Female German Character's Husbands?

    Hello! AJ again, with yet another dilema! Argh! Ha ha, okay now to be serious. First, I would like to say thank you for the help you all gave me whilst naming my leading lady... after much consideration, I have decided on the name Rosemary Elouise- nickname Romy! Thank you all for the help again! I took your interest to heart, I really did.

    Now to the heart of the matter. Rosemary has three brothers. I'm pretty sure I've decided on the names of them, and the names of her parents. It's now the names of her husbands that concern me.

    These are my options for her BROTHERS:
    1) Rupert Melchior- Very German, and the eldest brother.
    2) Roy Harrison- the middle brother, and Rosemary's favorite
    3) Henry Thomas- the youngest brother, only four years older then her.

    And here are the options for her three husbands:
    1) David Lee- the first, and the most innocent of her marriages.
    2)Clifford Jonah- the second, adn the most ridiculous
    3) Jonathan Hemingway- the long lasting marriage that ended in infidelity and a sad goodbye.

    Please feel free to share your opinions, and share your own name options! Thanks again!

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