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    MN help for a couple FNs

    Ok...I'm trying to brainstorm a few names for DH and I to decide between. Our first daughter's name is Gabriella Grace; we usually call her Gaby. I'd like for styles to be somewhat consistent, and I'd like MNs to be 1-2 syllables long. For complete "sets" so far, we have:

    Madeleine Estelle
    Annabel Ava
    Vivienne Lily

    Can you guys suggest middle names for:
    1) Lillian, or Liliana - whichever you like best with Gabriella
    2) Mirabel

    Thank you, wise berries

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    Re: MN help for a couple FNs

    Ah, Elsie, Mirabel? For some reason the Belle portion of Mirabel stands out more to me than Annabel, but I'll roll with it. I just wish you both liked Miranda, because Gaby and Mira are so, so cute together.

    Mirabel Mercy
    Mirabel Megan
    Mirabel Margo
    Mirabel Maisie
    Mirabel Maeve

    Mirabel Ava

    Mirabel Cara
    Mirabel Frances
    Mirabel Georgia
    Mirabel Holly
    Mirabel Iris
    Mirabel Kaia
    Mirabel Phoebe
    Mirabel Rosa
    Mirabel Sarah

    As for Lillian and Liliana, I'm not sure I love either with Gaby. Plus, you're tired of Lily! (Frankly, I am, too.) Would you be open to Lilia? That way, Brent can still call her Lily, but you could call her Lia, which I love with Gaby. It's just a thought! Also, you were worried about Gabriella and Liliana having too much of a Spanish feel, which I think is a valid concern, but Gabriella and Lilia doesn't seem to have that as much, right? Maybe it's just me...

    Lilia Laura
    Lilia Lucy
    Lilia Lilac
    Lilia Laurel
    Lilia Lourdes

    Lilia Camille

    Lilia Frances
    Lilia Giselle
    Lilia Helen
    Lilia Margo
    Lilia Patience
    Lilia Romy
    Lilia Simone

    (Livia is cute, too, and Gaby and Liv are a really refreshing pairing. Did we talk about this already? Maybe so. If you hate Lilia, I will come back and do some names for Liliana, okay?)

    Lemon :-)
    "Names, once they are in common use, quickly become mere sounds, their etymology being buried, like so many of the earth's marvels, beneath the dust of habit." - Salman Rushdie

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    Re: MN help for a couple FNs

    I wrote out a long reply bout an hour ago and then my phone died on me and I lost it so lets try again! Lol. I love Mirabel so hope you can convince Brent! And I love Lillian, Liliana and Lilia so will try and come up with ideas for each. I think with Mirabel we need a middle Brent likes to convince him, and with the Lily names we need one you love to help you fall in love with the combo! I asked my boyfriend for help from a man's point of view but he was hopeless so here are my ideas!:

    Mirabel Lily
    Mirabel Eliza
    Mirabel Emma
    Mirabel Cate
    Mirabel Brooke
    Mirabel Autumn
    Mirabel Chloe
    Mirabel Gwyneth
    Mirabel Mae
    Mirabel Ava
    Mirabel Sophie
    Mirabel Brynn
    Mirabel Seren
    Mirabel Tess
    Mirabel Jane
    Mirabel Charlotte
    Lillian Greta
    Lillian Stella
    Lillian Sophie
    Lillian Ruby
    Lillian Estelle
    Lillian Eva
    Lillian Cecile
    Lillian Audrey
    Lilia Violet
    Lilia Mirabel
    Lilia Scarlett
    Lilia Seren
    Lilia Harlow
    Liliana Gwen
    Liliana Faye
    Liliana Claire
    Liliana Rose
    Liliana Faith
    Liliana Eve
    Liliana Belle
    Liliana Jean
    Liliana Mae
    Liliana Maeve
    Liliana June

    Good luck! Hope it helps! Laura x
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    Re: MN help for a couple FNs

    I love the names you have chosen, with Vivienne Lily being my favorite, followed by Annabel Ava!

    I agree with Lemon that Lilia would go very nicely with Gabriella! How about:

    Lilia Kate (my favorite)
    Lilia Claire
    Lilia Ava
    Lilia Eva
    Lilia Elizabeth

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    Re: MN help for a couple FNs

    Thank you, ladies!! I'll run them by Brent and see what he thinks.

    ljandrl, thank you for re-posting even after your phone died and you lost everything. I know how bad that SUCKS and I thank you for taking the time to re-do that!!! And you are absolutely correct with a middle name Brent likes for Mirabel and a middle name I like for the Lily names. Although I just don't know if I can bring myself to do Lily. Argh! I just feel so apathetic about the name.

    lemon, I think it's funny you say that...I was hoping if Brent could go with Mirabel we could call her Mira! Then I don't have my Anna association and we wouldn't have to go with Belle so there's no puppy association for him. I thought it'd be a good compromise, no? Oh and Lilia is ok, as far as the Lily names go. Brent's not really a fan, though. Oddly enough. I probably wouldn't go with Lia since we already have a Leah in the family.

    I got the "Just go ahead and name her what you want" response again from him today. He wasn't being snotty or anything about it, but said he'd rather be unhappy with a name and have me happy with it. I just don't feel this is a good way to do things, though. I do feel bad I keep harrassing him, but I still would rather have a name we both like.

    Thanks again, you guys...I'll let you know if he likes any!

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