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Thread: Too nicknamey?

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    Re: Too nicknamey?

    Clea or Klea, I would still have thought it's pronounced Clee-ah.

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    Re: Too nicknamey?

    Ya, I don't think the spelling change really helps with pronunciations issues, myself, and I think Clea looks more elegant and romantic than Klea, which looks slightly misspelled, honestly. I'm glad you like Clea Penelope, though! It's a fun one!

    Lemon :-)
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    Re: Too nicknamey?

    I think Clea can stand alone -- like Chloe. As long as you are resigned to correcting everyone's pronounciation and spelling, I say go with it.

    I like Clea Penelope a lot, but I'd also consider Clea Diantha, a Greek favorite of mine that deserved to be more popular. It's a wild flower, I believe.

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    Re: Too nicknamey?

    I think people will automatically see it as Clee-ah, which personally I prefer, because of Cleo. To clear up the pronounciation a little you could put an accent over the E which would change it to a capital A sound.

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    Re: Too nicknamey?

    Clea is super-lovely. I do agree that it would give you a few pronunciation problems, though - but if that doesn't bother you, then you should go for it! I feel like, since Cleo and Chloe and all those are "stand-alone" names, that Clea could really work as just a "full name". It's cute, but not overly so. Anyways.

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