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    Less than a year gap?

    So, here's an opposite post to the 8 year one...

    I've just found out am pregnant again only a couple of months after having my son. Am terrified and don't feel that am ready for another one so soon but I don't believe in abortion either, we were being so careful but I guess not careful enough... My husband is thrilled and doesn't share any of my misgivings but then I suppose he doesn't have to actually be pregnant... Has anyone else had children less than a year apart? Any handy hints for coping?

    Thankyou, Rachel

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    Re: Less than a year gap?


    First, congratulations! I know exactly how you must be sons are right at one year apart (just turned 1 & 2) and I can remember feeling completely overwhelmed when I found out about #2! I'm not going to lie to is very difficult, but absolutely 100% worth it and I wouldn't have it any other way. Coming out of the first year, it is getting much easier as #2 is now walking and talking. I'll tell you a little about the difficulties so you are a little prepared, but also about the wonderful things to look forward to!

    *It is difficult for the first year or so to be able to get day-to-day errands done and just getting out of the house can take FOREVER...the process of getting yourself ready, both babies, and packing all the stuff they need for even simple outings almost feels like more trouble than its worth sometimes....but its always worth it in the end!
    *I felt a lot of guilt dividing my attention between them.

    Things to look forward to!!
    * Nothing in the world makes me happier than seeing them together. Your son will not remember a time without his sibling, so all of his memories will have his little sister/brother in them. My boys hate to be separated, even for a nap. The love between them just warms my heart so much.
    * Of course we felt like a family after our first son, but after the second it just felt very complete.
    * Hand me downs are great! Even if you have a girl, you can still reuse a lot of the baby gear.

    I'm sure I will think of many other things that I will post later, but my main message is that despite how difficult it will be, it is absolutely worth it! Congratulations again!

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    Re: Less than a year gap?


    I wanted to say that my brothers are really close in age too (one was born 30 september when the other one turned one 3 november)

    They are always together and really close. Your kids will also be very close, at least thats what id expect. They ll do loads of stuff together and always will have someone to fall back on and who understands them (other then parents, ...) Theyll be not only brothers and sisters but also close friends.

    It will be hard though, but in the end itll be worth it.

    Just one thing, if you plan on waiting to have number 3, id advise also having a number 4 if possible because i always sorta felt left out. Theres a huge gap between us.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Less than a year gap?

    I understand your anxiety. I have an almost-5 year old, an 11 month old, and am due with another baby in 3 weeks. I did spend a lot of my pregnancy stressing about the proximity of these births. But in some ways I think having two so close in age will be easier than just one baby at home, because once they become toddlers, they do amuse each other so much. It takes the pressure off the adult to be the only playmate all the time. My family is complete at this some ways I'm glad it happened like this because I can get through all those diapers at once rather than spreading the baby time out over years and years.

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    Re: Less than a year gap?

    Thankyou so much everyone - is just nice to know that other people have had this happen to them and are still alive!!! The morning sickness is already not fun (is the reason I took the test in the first place...) and is doubly worse with a 2 month old baby to look after at the same time. My husband works long hours so it is just me here to cope with it - I'm sure he's bearing the brunt of the hormonal mess when he gets in every evening and bless him he's been putting up with it and letting me vent. I already feel guilty about not being able to give as much time to Sid as I would like. Apparently I'm due late May meaning they will be only 10 months between them... That just sounds ridiculous. Just can't believe the mess I've got myself into. I suppose at least it means I don't have to make the decision to go back to work... As soon as my maternity leave for this one finishes I'll be off for the next! At least I've got Caoimhe to lean on (I don't know if any of you remember her - this is her account - has a daughter named Seren...).

    Thanks again, Rachel

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