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    Re: What are your cousins names?

    I only have 8 first cousins, thank god, because that means I can remember all their names:

    Natasha "Tasha"
    Adair (f)

    DJ (the letters don't stand for anything, that's just his name :roll: )

    and a pseudo cousin named Devin (f).

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    I have a lot of cousins!!!!

    Carol Michelle - Nicole Marie -- Adam Cedric - Nicholas Adam & Willow Ember
    - Aaron Leon
    Edward McKay -- Andrea Michelle - Whitney Cohlece, Coleby McKay, Courtney McCall, Chase Nate
    Natalie DeeAnn -- Todd - Richard Eric & Kathryn Marie
    Danielle Patrice -- Adam - Myles Richard

    Christina -- Drew Christopher - Parker Drew & Emma Christina
    Marcus Taylor -- Victoria Christine - Taylor & Brianna
    Mayor Markham -- Alexia - Elizabeth Taylor, Jonah Reid, & Markham
    Helen Elizabeth
    Joseph Jeppa -- Liz - Gabriella Elizabeth, Samson Joseph, & Rugger

    Julie Elizabeth -- Bradley Otto - Jessica, Brandi, & Tyler
    William -- Christy - Michael William, Nicholas Marlow, Quinten Peter, Brooklyn Elizabeth, & Kevin James
    Kathryn Marie -- David Wayne - Taylor Marie, Chase Nichole, David Michael, & Bryce Wayne
    Deborah -- Jason - Jordan Ivy & Alyssa Rose
    Mary -- Brandon - Jaron Michael, Caden Mace, & Mikaela Brenna

    David Warren -- Julie Ann - Haylee Ann, Tanner David, Tyson David, Benjamin David, Hannah Grace, Bella Faith, & Eden Hope (triplets!)
    Stephen Warren -- Jamie - Samuel James & Lily Jade
    Anna Suzanne -- Trevor - Mitchell Travis & Austin Warren
    Rachel Suzanne -- Jonathon Eric - Jonathon McKay & Hunter Tate
    Sarah Suzanne -- Christopher

    Jason Craig -- Stephanie Ann - JC, Emily Ann, & Hannah Jane
    Darin Christopher -- Bobbi Marie - Cy Christopher, Isabel Kandice, Penelope, & Vienna
    Amberly -- Bradley Phil - Phillip Bradley, Taylor Craig, Annabel, & Joshua
    Elissa -- Mark Stephen - Ezekiel Mark (Zeke)

    Joshua David -- Kellie Jo - Jon Dallen & Lilly Jo
    Emily Elizabeth -- Eric John - Bo Eric
    Mary Melissa
    Julie Ann
    Bonnie Rebecca

    Daniel Rhett (Rhett) -- Willow - Cameron Paul & Micah Andrew
    Marie Carol -- Brett Wesley - Tanner Brett
    Amanda Ree -- Jesse Kay - Morgan Riley, Parker James, & Sadie Ree
    Alma Taylor -- Melissa Lee - Connor McKay
    Allison -- Paul James
    Jennifer Camille

    Jairon Deric -- Heidi - Will Deric
    Amber Marie -- Michael Dee - Taylor Rawlin, Allison Katelyn, Hunter Eric, & Cameron Nicholas
    Megan Beth -- Cody Glen - Mikaela Brittany & Chase Riley
    Stuart Devan -- Ashley - Cason Bracy
    Audrey Ann

    Paul Kennington
    Jacob Kennington
    Jane Kennington
    Craig Kennington
    Scott Kennington
    "I feel like a little bit, like, I’m the Braveheart of creativity.”
    ~ Kanye West


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    Recently, one side of my family made it to 50 grandkids, and I have to say that I don't really know them all. The eldest is 38 (Caroline), and the youngest is five days old (Zoe), but here's the over view

    There are 3 Ryan's, I'm certain, though two are first cousins, and the other second.
    2 Damian's, though i don't think they've even met.

    The few I list will be in roughly age order (the firsts may even have there own kids)

    There's Julia Brian Brendan Caira Damian Sinead Gerrad (Gerry) Joanne Clare Tracy Aimee Orlaith Connor Colin Nicola Caoimhe Eimer Aodhan Sorcha Niall Sarah Erin Tegan Max Chloe Callum Eoin

    Just to give you a taste!

    My Dad's side is easier


    Matther Connor Joesph Claire

    Meghan David James

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