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Thread: Think/Say

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    May 2012
    Say: Aren't they just the cutest all playing together
    Think: Love Flynn and Jasper, Levon and Maya are eh and not too fussed on Pearl

    This is my baby boy Kenneth Jude named after my late father and my beautiful daughter Camille Julie
    Second year Uni student; Speech and Language Pathology

    Melody, Briar, Arabella, Tempest, Zoey, London, Zara, Peyton, Sadie, Rani, Liora, Jordan, Kallie, Xia, Poet, Wren, Quinn
    Lachlan, Ryan, Oliver, Benjamin, Jai, Claude, Carter, Asher, Rhys, Levi, Leo, Joey, Harper, Damien, Sebastian, Jasper, Jace

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    Say: Hi Kenneth Jude and Camille Julie, such beautiful names for two beautiful babies!
    Think: Absolutely LOVE the name Kenneth but I dont think Jude is a great middle name, Camille Julie is too dated for my taste.

    I'd like to introduce my triplets
    Ariana Lou
    Sari Vienna
    Kailan Eliot

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    Say: Wow triplets! They must keep you very busy!

    Think: interesting names,I love Ariana and Sari, although I don't think Vienna is the best match for Sari, makes it seem like you're trying to hard to be super trendy.
    Kailan isn't my style, a bit too much like Kaidan but it's not awful.

    This is my daughter Rommily Noa. And her big brother, Eli, is over there playing soccer

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    Say: Hey Rommily, what a pretty name!
    Think: I love Rommily, but Noa looks like its missing the r.. or trying too hard to be a girls name. Eli is cute, but it doesnt go with Rommily.

    This is my son Ian Dominic.

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    Say: Hi Ian!

    Think: I don't think I've ever met an Ian under 40, I wonder if he's named after someone. It's a nice change from hearing all the most popular names but it doesn't sit right on a little boy.

    These are my boys Ezra Benjamin (9) and Jude Michael (6).

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