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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hello, lovely to meet you!
    Think: Isis Blue is very interesting, I wouldn't be brave enough to use a name like that. I hope she has a big personality to live up to that name.

    This is my daughter Rosemary Fleur, and my son Wesley George. Over there is my youngest, Henrietta Olive.
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    Say: Hey kids!
    Think: Le swoon. Rosemary Fleur, Wesley George & Henrietta Oliver are wonderful! Good job, mama.

    These are my sons Benjamin James and Finn Robin, and my daughters Audrey Plum and Thora Marian.
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    Say: Hello guys!
    Think: yes! Someone else who likes Robin as a boys name! I love all the boys' names, but as think the flow of Finn Robin doesn't quite work. I personally like the flow of Benjamin Finn or Robin James (or Finn Benjamin and James Robin) better. I also love Thora Marian and Audrey. The only name I really don't like here is Plum.

    There are my twin daughters, Elsa Tansy and Freya Pearl, and their older brother, Roman James.
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    Say: Hey Kids!

    Think: I love Elsa Tansy! It's unique and pretty. I don't love Freya or Pearl, but as a full name they work nicely together. Roman James is stellar!

    My husband and I recently welcomed our first baby, Elliot Chancellor Dane. He's two months old now, and by the time he's two, we hope to have another baby!

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    Say: Congratulations!

    Think: Elliot is nice though NMS. I think Chancellor should stay a title, it doesn't make a great name, and it's odd to have two word names in a combo.

    Our twins Viola Mazarine and Sebastian Alphonse are nine years old, and Eleanor Gwendolyn turns six next week!
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