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Thread: Think/Say

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    Apr 2013
    Say; Hi guys! So handsome you are!
    Think: Aren't those names overused?

    Hi! This is my son Artemis and my daughter Anemone Philyra.
    WTTC 2017
    Gaia Eleanor | Aurora Melody |
    Proud Auntie/cousin to;
    Smilla (6-5-09), Noah (29-5-10), Silke (23-8-11), Sophia (18-11-11), Victoria (13-8-13) & Alex (18-12-14)

    Loved names
    Henry Oliver | Laurel Maria | Ianto Lior | Bobbie Frances | Cecil Oswald |

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    Jul 2013
    Say: Hi boys! Great to meet you.
    ... I might actually hug the mother and thank her for having amazing taste!

    Say: Hi kids!
    Think: I like Artemis on both genders. Anemone and Philyra do nothing for me.

    Here are my kids Vitus, Massimo, and Francesca.
    If we use nicknames, which we rarely do, they get called Vi, Mo and Essie.
    21 years old and trying to save the world

    Harriet Jean - Olive Theodora - Delphi Susanna - Saskia Margaret - Winifred Alice

    Tobias Hugo - David Augustus - Peter Archibald - Charles Finnian - Rupert Ezra

    In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer -Albert Camus

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    Jan 2013
    Say: Hi! Nice to meet you kids.
    Think: I don't mind Francesca, but I highly doubt I'll ever, ever use it. I do love Essie though. Vitus "Vi" and Massimo "Mi" aren't quite my taste.

    This is my babysitting charge, Evergreen Hyacinth June, who usually goes by Evie. Her sister Andaliene Linnea Joy is over there looking through the window. Her name is pronounced "An-Dah-Line", but she goes by Annie.
    Girls: Aria Charlotte, Ava Giselle
    Boys: Harper Nathaniel, Beau Alexander

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    Say: Hi girls!
    Think: Usually I love double barrel middles, but I just don't like the name choices. Evergreen sounds like it should be swapped with Hyacinth, and I'm sure Andaliene isn't a real name, just Adeline with an 'n' added to make it "youneek". Linnea Joy would have been so much nicer. Having just Linnea Joy and Hyacinth June would improve it tenfold.

    Meet my son, Alexander Robert, who goes by Alex.

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    Mar 2013
    Say: Hi Alexander!
    Think: blah, too overused

    Meet my daughters Kenzie, Reese, Megan, and Regina!
    Dreaming of the day when I have three kids; Sebastian, Matisse, and Natalie

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