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Thread: Think/Say

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    Jul 2013
    Say: Hi, Emmy!
    Think: I'd like Emmy better if it were short for Emmeline or Emerson. I think the double E is cute, though.

    These are my little boys, Cade Parker and Ash Garrett.
    Erin (Writer, Nerdfighter, Ravenclaw; Not expecting, just collecting)
    (Adelaide, Betty, Cassia, Georgia, Ocean, Violet)
    (Asher, Gabriel, Josiah, Oakley, Rowan, Wayland)

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    Say: Hi kids!
    Think: I love Vera! Elise is nice with it. Hope Marina is very cute, though maybe a little insubstantial compared to Vera Elise? Ray Viktor is nice but I'd prefer to see Viktor as a first.

    Say: Hello, Cade and Ash!
    Think: Love Cade Parker! I'm really not a fan of Ash or Garrett but they sound great together, and go well with Cade Parker.

    This is my daughter, Amelia Daisy.
    Teen writer, pianist, sci-fi geek, cat-owner and name enthusiast.

    Calvin Augustus ~ Matilda Josephine
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    Say: Hi Amelia! Aren't you a pretty little thing!
    Think: I quite like the name Amelia, and I've fallen in love with Daisy because of Bones.

    These are my babysitting charges, Willow Estelle, Clara Emmeline (Klah-Ra Em-Ah-Ln), and Harper Samuel
    Girls: Aria Charlotte, Ava Giselle
    Boys: Harper Nathaniel, Beau Alexander

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    Say: Hi kids!
    Think: I don't really like Willow Estelle or Harper Samuel that much. I do kind of like Clara Emmeline though.

    This is my son Emmett Nathaniel and his cousin Seraphina Abigail Brooke.
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    Say: Hey kids!
    Think: Emmet Nathaniel oak okay but why did Seraphina have to get ruined with two middles?

    Hi, meet my nephew Grant and my niece Harley

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