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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Hi guys!
    Think: Adore Gabriella, but does there have to be two? Gabby is nice as well. Not crazy about Frances, though. I don't really like Tyron, but Luke is cool. Eve is perfect with Gabrielle. I also like Alicia, that's my favorite spelling, but not so much Morgan.

    Meet my twins, Marina Penelope and Annabeth Noelle, and their brother, Frederick Oliver, but he goes by Freddie.

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    Say: Hi guys!
    Think: I like Marina Penelope but not Annabeth Noelle or Frederick Oliver. The names don't really work together as a sibset.

    These are my kids Reverie Andrea and Samson Marcus.
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    Say: Hi kids!

    Think: Marina Penelope is perfection. So refreshingly exotic. I feel like Annabeth Noelle and Fredrick Oliver is missing out. Freddie is an adorable nickname.

    Say: Hi!

    Think: Love Reverie, but Andrea is so dated and boring. Samson Marcus is such a strong name. I like it.

    This is Amity Willow.
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    Think: Never heard of Amity but I LOVE Willow.

    Say: Hey. This is Rowena Maeve Thursday and her twin Eithne Orla March nn Wren & Etta

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    Say: Hi Wren, hi Etta! Cool names!
    Think: Rowena Maeve Thursday is gorgeous! I actually really like it in spite of the fact that it contains one of my least favorite names ever (Maeve - personal associations). Eithne Orla March is really pretty too, but I'm guessing she'll have to explain her first name to people all the time. Wren is a cute nickname for Rowena and I love Etta.

    This is my daughter Eliza Cosette and my son Felix Marius.
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