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Thread: Think/Say

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    Apr 2013
    Say: Hi kids!
    Think: All of the combos are lovely, and they are a great sibset. I would love to see Isaac nn Zach. The best combo is Calvin August.

    Meet my boys, Sebastian James and Jules Edmond.
    Caspian ~ Genevieve ~ Benjamin ~ Claire ~ Sebastian

    Caspian Bartholomew & Claire Gwendolen

    Currently: Corisande + Icarus + Aurelia + Casimir + Octavia

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    Jun 2013
    Say: Hi boys!
    Think: I really like Sebastian James and the name Jules. I'm not too fond of Edmond, but it flows well with Jules.

    Hello, these are my children Milo Alexander, Ian Michael, and Wren Elizabeth,

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    May 2013
    Say: Hey kids! What awesome names you have!
    Think: Milo Alexander is okay, but the rest aren't really my style. They're not bad names in any way, they just don't appeal to me at all.

    Hi. These are my nieces - Ianthe, Thisbe, Carmen, Niobe, Athenodora, Octavia, Claudia, Beatrix, Artemisia, Fiammetta and Penelope. They are all sisters. Athenodora and Octavia are twins.

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    Say: Oh my, hi children!
    Think: Those names are unique. I like Penelope, but that is it.

    Hello, this is Davis Jude.

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    Say: What a gang! How are you girls today?

    Think: Where to start? Love: Claudia & Octavia, Intriguing-Ianthe, Pretty-Carmen & Penelope, Interesting but hard to live with everyday-Artemisia & Athenodora, Okay name but not something I care for-Beatrix and finally Why would you do that to your children: Thisbe, Flammetta & Niobe.

    I'd like you to meet my cousins: Martha Mary, her sisters Maripearl Millicent and Lora-May, this is their brother Ethan Abraham.

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