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Thread: Think/Say

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    Hi Silas Jude. That's a serious name for a little guy!
    Think: Poor kid. That's awful!

    Meet my son William Finnley

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    Jun 2013
    Say: Hi William.
    Think: That is a very long name and I'm not sure I love it.

    Hello, Calvin Gregory here

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    Aug 2010
    Hi Cal!
    Think: Calvin Gregory is perfection.

    Meet my daughters Indrina, who you can call Indy, and Daria, who goes by Dare. (please vote!)

    Just lurking since the birth of my son S. G. A.
    Zorina, Faustine, Castalia, Vasilisa, Oriana, Anaxandra, Sebastiana
    ... Alaric, Silvan, Alistair, Stellan, Rainer, Caspian, Theron, Salvatore

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    Sep 2012
    Say: Hi Indy and Dare!
    Think: I've never heard Indrina before. I'd never use it, but Indy is a cool nickname. Daria reminds me too much of the TV show.

    Meet my sons, Ezra, Silas, & Roman.

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    Say: Hey guys!
    Think: I don't really like any of those names

    Hi, meet my triplets Benjamin Alexander, Elizabeth Josephine, and Madeleine Isabelle

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